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UN Worried Myanmar Situation Is At Critical Stage

UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari met with Chinese diplomats in an effort to draw upon their influence with the military junta which rules Myanmar. He told them: “I believe we are now in a critical phas in terms of developments in Myanma, in terms of Myanmr’s relations with neighboring countries, with ASEAN, with the international community.” ASEAN, the Associatioin of Southeatern Nations has been urging the junta to reach out to opposition leader Augn San Suu Kyi in hope of creating conditions for establishing democracy.

Burma’s military leaders have announced a May referendumon a constitution written in secret without any input from opposition leaders. Gambari desperately needs China’s aid due to its wide economic involvement in Burma and its close ties with military leaders. However, there is little interest within the Chinese government to see a democratic government created on its southern flank. The only apparent concern among the Chinese developing Myanmar’s natural resources.

Burma Freedom Fighter Offers To Dialogue With Military Junta

Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese opposition leader who has spent 12 o the last 18 years under house arrest offered to meet with the ruling military junta for a dialogue in oder to break the impasse between the oppressive military leaders and the mass of Burmese people who seek some form of democracy. Kyi said: “In the interest of the nation, I stand ready to cooperate with the Government in order to make this process of dialogue a success.” The statement was read to the world in Singapore by UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari who recently completed several days in Burma trying to talk with members of the junta. Burma State Television said General Aung Kyi would meet with Suu Kyi(no relation). A top level diplomat in Yangoon, commented to the press, “there is no doubt in my mind that this regime has no intention of cooperating with Bambari or starting a process of genuine dialogue.”

The process of attempting to bring about change in Myanmar is hampered by failure of China and India to assume a proactive role in fostering dialogue. As the top trading partners of Burma, these two nations have economic power to move the junta toward some acomodation with opposition leaders.

Noose Tightens Around Throats Of Burmese People

The Burmese military junta is returning to its old stand by terrorist isolationist behavior by announcing the expulsion of Charles Petrie, the UN’s representative since 2003 in Myanmar. The junta was apparently upset at a recent UN statement denouncing the “deteriorating humanitarian situation” in their country. The government also announced it was cutting off communication by Internet users to international web sites in an effort to control information concerning their brutalization of the people of Burma. Ibrahm Gambari, the special UN representative who has been working with the Burmese military junta in an effort to mitigate their oppressive policies, is expected to arrive for a six day visit.

The reality is that Gambari will be unable to exert any pressure on the Burmese military junta without the active support of China and India. These two nations have extensive economic connections with Myanmar and if they decide to exert pressure it will be felt by the military junta. Until that happens, the world will hear much talk, but little action.