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Is Gambling A Problem More Than Doping?

It is difficult these days to pick up a newspaper or watch a sports program on television without encountering some issue related to the use of steroids by athletes. However, the British Gambling Commission has uncovered a greater concern than whether or not athletes use drugs– gambling! It has uncovered at least 47 cases of alleged match-fixing and illegal betting on British sporting events. One official commented “football, rugby and cricket don’t have a doping problem, but they know they have serious gambling problems. A spokesperson for the Gambling Commission says that horse racing, football and snooker accounted for most of the illegal fixing.

In the era of gambling occurring across the world on the same match, it becomes increasingly difficult to uncover fixing schemes that originate outside the jurisdictional lines of a particular police force. Athletes come and go from one nation to another and lack the old intense loyalty to a team or community. The money has risen to astronomical heights and it is difficult to ensure that every athlete is honest.