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Woman Tried For Sex With Gang Rapers!!

There are times in life when we males feel happy to be males and not females, particularly when stories emerge from Muslim nations about the treatment of females. An eighteen year old Emirati woman went for a ride with a male friend. They had a pleasant time and one thing led to another and the end result was sex between the two people. The man, feeling macho, decided to contact five of his friends, and they came over and proceeded to rape the woman in a gang bang of power. After she complained to the police about the rape, police, naturally, arrested her for having sex with several men. Police logic appears to argue, she DID invite one man to have sex which, in their perspective, logically means she really wanted to have sex with the other five men.

The woman was not represented in court by a lawyer, and no member of her family was allowed to be present. It is a crime for a single Muslim woman to have sex with a man. We live in strange times.