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Secretary Gates For Bipartisan Solution

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, President Bush has adopted a Republican approach to victory and a disdain for those who dare opposing his policiies. Democrats were vilified and even a former US senator who lost his limbs fighting in Vietnam was accused of being anti-American by Republicans. However, now that Iraq has become a disaster area, Republicans are seeking to involve Democrats in attaining some sort of bipartisan solution to the mess. Defense Secetary Robert Gates seeks a long term bipartisan agreement on what should constitute US policy in Iraq.”It was my hope 16 months ago that I could help forge a bipartisan path forward in our Iraq pollcy” in order to maintain movement toward a solution. He pointed out how there had been mistakes during the Cold War but Republicans and Democrats had worked together to find solutions.

Perhaps, the Republican leader might begin by apologizing to Democrats for insults and disparaging comments by President Bush who questioned the patriotism of his critics. During the Cold War Presidents Truman and Kennedy appointed leading Republicans to important roles in the government in order to demonstrate a commitment to bipartisanship. Unfortunately, George Bush’s only thought from day one of his presidency has been to seek triumph for Republicans even at the cost of smearing the names of Democratic opponents.