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Kurdish Rebels Promise Cease Fire Today

Iraq’s esident, Jalal Talabani assured the world that Kurdish rebels were ready to end fighting in Turkey. “The PKK has decided to declare a ceasefire from their side tonight.” The United States has been urging the Iraq government to exert pressure on Kurdish rebels in order to end their incursions into Turkey. However, the Iraq government believes the problem of security within Iraq rests upon the shoulders of the U.S. military, not Iraq forces. A leading figure in Iraq’s defense ministry, Abdel Qader al-Obeidi, pointed out Iraq’s military was strained to the utmost and there simply were not enough troops available to handle Kurdish rebels in the north. He argued the United States military must take on that role and responsibility. In the meantime, the United States has been urging restraint on Turkey. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told Vecdi Gonul of Turkey’s defense ministry, “that lacking actionable intelligence for them to send a large force across the border without any specific targets was likely to lead to a lot of collateral damage.”

One can only wonder where was Robert Gates in 2003 when Bush sent an army into Iraq to find WMD without any specific evidence of their existence, let alone where they were located. The rest of the world is smiling today as President George Bush urges restraint before attacking across borders. It is unfortunate 2007 Bush was not present when 2003 Bush plunged America into the wrong war at the wrong time for the wrong reason.

Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Says Military Prepared For Iran Attack

Michael Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters the United States armed forces was prepared to handle any potential conflict with Iran because “there is more than enough reserves to respond(militarily) if that, in fact, is what the national leadership wanted to do.” Mullen also told the press he had not uncovered any evidence so far of Iranian military weapons being furnished to insurgent forces in Afghanistan although Bush officials continually claim that is happening. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who also appeared at the press conference, warned against the proposed Armenian genocide resolution in Congress and warned about a negative Turkish reaction. “I don’t think the Turks are bluffing.” He also expressed concerns over private contractors in Iraq and thought they were seriously damaging the interests of the United States.

Perhaps, Admiral Mullen knows about the presence of additional military forces, but, at present, the American military is stretched thin. The American people were told by prior Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld the attack on Iraq could easily be handled by a small armed force. Now, Mullen and Gates are claiming we can handle Iran with existing forces. What if an air and naval assault then required land forces in Iran, how could we organize such an assault with existing numbers in our Army and Marine Corps? isn’t it about time the Bush administration spoke honestly to the American public by telling them an air attack on Iran would also require instituting a draft system?

Russians And Americans Fail Reaching Missile Agreement

The recent visit by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates failed to achieve an agreement with Russians on the issue of America establishing missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Putin in an angry statement commented: “We might decide some day to set up a missile defense system on the moon, but until then, the opportunity for an agreement might be lost while you realize your plans.” He also threatened to have Russia withdraw from the Intermediate-Missile Nuclear Forces Treaty if the pact is not applied to all countries. Secretary Gates discounted the anger of Russians by claiming, “when they’re hit with new ideas, they basically go to a default position of a defensive crouch, until they really have time to thank about it and consider it.”

The Gates comment is fascinating since it comes from someone in the Bush administration. Accusing other nations of becoming “defensive” when hit by “new ideas” is an incredible comment from a member of the Bush team which consistently refuses to listen to any one who differs with their world view. Is Gates claiming President Bush is receptive to new initiatives? Is he claiming Bush avoids getting into a “defensive crouch” if someone differs with his views on the world?

This entire missile base issue is an example of Bush creating problems. Initially, the rationale for the missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic was fear of Iranian and North Korean missiles. We have just reached agreements with North Korea so that eliminates one source of potential missiles. Does anyone really believe Iran is threatening to send missiles to Europe!! This web site has been extremely critical of President Putin’s anti-democratic policies, but on the missile issue he is absolutely correct. There is absolutely no need for such a system– at this point in time.