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No Gay Time In Anglican Church

There may be a hot time in the old town of the Anglican church, but there sure will not be a gay time. Efforts to allow Jeffrey John to become ordained as a bishop have stalled due to his open life style a as a gay. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, put a hold on plans to allow John to become a bishop in the Church of England. It was feared such a move would split the church and create chaos among those belonging to it. The Reverend Paul Dawson of Reform, expressed views of more conservative members by noting: “we think if this were to happen, then the sort of split that has happened in America would be precipitated here.” Williams has enough problems dealing with attempts to ordain women as bishops and realizes taking on the gay issue would have unpleasant consequences for the church.

I often wonder what would happen to conservative thinking if it emerged that any of the founders of the Christian religion were gay. Would these Christians convert to Judaism or become Muslims? What the heck is so wrong about allowing someone who is gay to become a bishop?