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Are Gays And Lesbians A Religious Problem?

The Church of England has a problem even though they believe the problem stems from attempts to allow gay and lesbians to become members of the clergy. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican Church, noted: “I think gay clergy in the Church of England are thought of as a problem to be solved or at least lived with rather than a gift from God.” There are reports of a two track model for dealing with gay clergy. Robinson said the Church of England “led the way in the ordination of women,” and now it was time for those who truly believe in a Christian church that opens its arms to all will accept the concept of gay clergy.

Perhaps, there is a two track system in heaven for gays and straights, but so far there is no mention from Christ as to whether this actually exists. If one believes God welcomes all humans, there can not be two or three or multiple tracks.

Gay Bishop Rips Archbishop Of Canterbury Silence

Gene Robinson, an American gay bishop, accused Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury of remaining silent in the face of attacks upon gays and lesbian members of the church. “God is very disappointed,” says Robinson, at the failure of Williams to confront critics within the church who viciously condemn gays. Robnson was asked why Williams will not speak out against figures like Peter Akinola, the virulent anti-gay leader of the Nigerian church. “You would have to ask him,” responded Robinson, “I think he will have to answer to God about that.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been supportive of efforts by Muslim clerics to impose Sharia law in Great Britain, but, apparently, lacks the courage to confront anti-gay elements within his own church.

Not only is God disapponted in Williams, so are thousands of his own parishoners. And, unlike God, they can vote with their feet to leave the church.