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Can I Throw Eggs At People I Dislike? Sort Of In Hungary

During the recent Gay Pride march in Budapest, a group of right wing extremists attacked those marching by throwing eggs at them. They were ordered to halt this demonstration of infantile behavior by a policeman but they persisted. The men were arrested and brought to trial. At their first trial, the judge ruled in favor of the three men on grounds that throwing eggs, in itself, is not illegal and can fall within the scope of acceptable “freedom of expression.” However, Judge Istvan Koya, head of the Criminal Secton of the Budapest City
Court, sharply disagreed and over turned the verdict. He made clear throwing eggs at people is not a legal form of expression in all circumstances. The men were fined.

One can only wonder under which circumstances is it permissible to throw eggs at people? The men who did the throwing certainly did not know the people they were assaulting. Is it OK to throw other objects in certain “circumstances?”