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Will Gays Receive Gay News In Court?

Among the mysteries of my life is why advocates of marriage become so infuriated when two men or two women seek to become united in marriage. Two gay couples are in court in an attempt to over turn the recent California referendum which made illegal gay marriage in the state. Ironically, their lawyers, David Boiles and Theodore Olsen were opponents in the case about Florida’s vote in 2000, but they have become partners in the fight to establish gay rights to marriage. This will be the first case heard in a federal court about gay marriage and it will be heard by Judge Vaughn Walker who was appointed by that flaming liberal and supporter of traditional marriage, George Bush, senior.

Oh well, it will take a few scant weeks before Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck somehow uncover the fact that Judge Walker was really a liberal who tricked George Bush into appointing him to the federal court. Or, they will uncover evidence that Judge Walker is a secret gay who cleverly disguised his true beliefs in order to gain a federal judgeship.

This blog stands behind and in front of the institution of marriage. We hope two men or two women or a man and a woman or transvestites or anyone else has the right to get married. This is from an individual who has been married three times. God Bless Marriage for one and for all!

Is Pope Benedict XVI In Tune With Catholics?

There is a quiet movement spreading across many areas of the Catholic world in which intelligent people are posing questions about the leadership of their church. Several years ago, Buenos Aires approved same sex unions and there currently is a case headed for the nation’s Supreme Court in which a judge ruled national laws banning same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Mexico City has now joined the fight to move the Catholic Church into the 21st century. The Mexico City legislature by a vote of 39 to 20 legalized gay marriage in the city. Mayor Marcelo Ebrard hailed the victory as members of the audience chanted, “yes,” and “we do.” The Democratic Revolutionary party of Ebrard is being challenged by President Felipe Calderon who opposes such legislation and will fight to have it overturned in the Mexico Supreme Court.

The amazing aspect of the vote is it occurring in a Catholic city and passed by devout Catholics. They are sending a message to the Pope that it is time for the church to accept life in the 20th century and cease adhering to ideas which best belong in the dust bin of history.

Lesbians Let Down In Russia

The brides wore white satin an d pinstripes as Irina Shepitko and Irinia Fedotova entered the State Registry Office in hope their effort to become wife and wife would be recognized by Russian officials, but their hopes were in vain. The chief registrar refused to consider the requests of the women on ground the Family Code states a marriage requires the consent of a man and a woman, not a woman and a woman. She also pointed out the form refers to “he” and “she” not she and she. Although, gay marriages have been recognized as legal in many countries including parts of the United States, Russian homophobia is strong.

The brides made clear the rejection was simply an acknowledgment that in Russia the forces of discrimination were more powerful than the force of love. The couple kissed and hugged one another, but the registrar would not accept either a kiss or hug.

Gay Couple Lose Case In Sweden

A homosexual couple who were married in Canada have lost their right to have the marriage recognized in Sweden. The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that Swedish law only recognizes a marriage as being between a man and a woman, and therefore, the Canadian marriage could not be accepted as valid in Sweden. The couple argued that “tax authorities can make an exception where one party is under-age” but refuse to make an exception when the couple are of the same sex. The Swedish court insists law only recognizes a gay marriage as a partnership and there refused to make any exceptions.

We inhabit a world in which countries have differing views on many aspects of life. Certainly, marriage is an important facet of human life and has nothing to do with abuse or discrimination. There is no reason for refusing to recognize the marriage.

Should Pastors Be Compelled To Perform Gay Rites?

Sweden has extremely liberal laws dealing with a variety of human rights, but a proviso in the proposed law that would allow gay marriages would also allow civil or religious figures to opt out of performing the ceremony if it violates their personal beliefs. A Swedish political party is proposing that pastors must perform a gay marriage. There is strong feeling among all Swedish political parties that their nation must have a gender neutral laws dealing with marriage.

All political parties in Sweden agree on the basic principle of gay marriage, now they must hammer out the exact meaning of the proposed law. An interesting question is whether the law should permit pastors and officials to opt out of the ceremony.

Palin Breaks With McCain On Gay Marriage

Governor Sarah Palin in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network said she supported a federal constitutional amendment which ban gay marriages. “I have voted along with the vast majority of Alaskans who had the opportunity to vote to amend our Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. I wish on a federal level that’s where we would go. I don’t support gay marriage.” Senator McCain has consistently insisted he is against gay marriages but wants the issue handled at the state, not the federal level.

The Alaska governor once again reaffirmed her view that Obama had been “palling around with terrorists.” For some reason, Governor Palin did not denounce all individuals in America who “pal around with terrorists.” Her husband is closely allied with an Alaska secessionist political party that wants the state to secede from the Union. The last time that occurred was in 1861, and we all know the terror created by those secessionists.

It would be clearer if Sarah Palin was consistent about the “palling around with terrorist” issue. Oh, Ms. Palin, since you are married to a man who wants to destroy the United States does that mean you “pal around with terrorists?”

Gay Priest Upsets Church Of England

We live in the 21st century, but continue fighting issues of the past, particularly when they involve issues of sex and marriage. A gay priest in the Church of England upset many of its members by exchanging vows with another man during a church ceremony which celebrated his civil partner ship. The Rev. David Lord “felt it appropriate to lay down his clergy license” in light of the conflict his marriage to a man. Nigel Sneed, a church lawyer, claims there was nothing in the ceremony that violated church procedures or doctrine since they already had a civil ceremony. People are allowed to celebrate good events.

The resignation is simply another aspect of our inability as humans to accept the right of people to come together in marriage. Their action did nothing other than to allow two humans a moment of joy. One can assume that is the purpose of what any deity seeks.