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Eyewitness To Budapest Gay Parade

On the annual Gay Pride parade in Budapest, eight foot high metal fences cordoned off Andrassy ut, the central street in and out of Budapest. Neither pedestrians nor traffic could pass the street, and a constant stream of ambulances, army cars, and riot police patrolled up and down. Helicopters swarmed overhead, adding an ominous drone to the sirens, whistles and hushed strained violence according to a Budapest Sun reporter. The Budapest gay pride parade was scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m but by 3:00 p.m. police had confied onlookers to individual blocks of sidewalks.Dozens of black clad men and women stood behind the barriers or restlessly paced on the sidewalk. A few moments before the parade there was the angry sound of chanting and yelling from the crowd.

The parade of gay men and women began as five armored cars preceded them down the street. “The violence trapped in the crowd exploded into action. A roar of outrage rippled up each side of the barrier, tomatoes flew through the air, left arms rose” as the neo-Nazi crowd displayed their true feelings. Three dozen police followed the parade dressed in riot gear and prepared for action.

According to the Budapest Sun reporter, “both sides will claim a victory. The nationalists made their statement against immorality and police control: the homosexuals and their sympathizers expressed themselves despite considerable adversity.”

Hopefully, some day men and women will be allowed to express their sexual feelings and beliefs without fear of violence. That day has yet to come to Budapest.

No Gay Time For Gays In Moscow May Festivities

Gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev blasted the Moscow City hall after Mayor Yury Luzkhov’s office turned down a proposal for a gay pride parade durng the holidays at the start of May. Sergei Tsoi, a spokesperson for the mayor, accused gay rights activists of attempting to spoil a wonderful May Day labor oriented celebration by their desire to parade since such an action would mean there “could be blood, which no one wants.” His comment drew an angry response from Alexeyev who pointed out: “As if gays don’t support peace and don’t work. Don’t we pay taxes that support this government. I don’t underestand this at all.”

In 2006, Mayor Luzhkov described the idea of a gay parade as a “satanic event and his office has turned down every request by gays for a parade since then. The Moscow City Court has upheld the right of City Hall to turn down requests for parades as perfectly constitutional.