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Hate Crimes Rise In Gay Friendly Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a reputation for being a city in which gays and lesbians can find security, but recent events have raised questions about that safety. In 2006, the city registered 32 hate crimes committed against gays and lesbians, but mid way through this year there already have been 27 such crimes including one during a gay pride parade. Mayor Job Cohen initiated a study of the attacks which revealed a majority of them were committed by Moroccan Muslim youth. They may regard gays as socially beneath them since they come from a puritanical Muslim society or it can be connected to their own sexual confusions.

In the volatile world of immigrants coming from societies where gay rights are not common it should not be surprising to discover some of them bring to the more open world of Amsterdam dysfunctional ideas.

Gay-Lesbian Rights Under Attack In Turkey

Lambda Istanbul is an organization devoted to defending the rights of gays and lesbians in Turkey. the Governor’s office in Istanbul filed suit to close down the organization because its objectives are “against the law and are immoral.” Turkish government officials have continually closed down gay and lesbian organizations since they consider such groups to violate the Muslim religion and its values. Lambda Istanbul’s charter states its aim is supporting “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people” to realize their inner selves and to attain peace and security.

Turkey is fighting to create a society in which both secular and religious minded people can live in peace while respecting the rights of those who differ on religious grounds. Surely, the same attitude should be shown to those whose sexual orientation differs from other people. If freedom is limited to a few, then freedom can not exist.