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Danish Teenagers Engage In Hate Crimes

Most modern societies report that teenagers are supportive of rights for gays and lesbians, but recent reports indicate the reverse is on the rise in Denmark where teenagers are responsible for many hate crimes. According to Kenneth Engberg of the Danish Association of Gays and Lesbians, for years there were active programs in schools to raise consciousness concerning rights, but the programs have ceased and “this is perhaps why we are increasingly seeing teenagers carrying out hate crimes.” He notes that Facebook has become a center of hate crimes as teenagers link to sites which are anti-gay and lesbian. Engberg argues there is need for greater resources to be allocated to education.

One can only wonder if a rise in hate crimes against Muslim immigrants to Denmark encourages extending these attitudes toward other oppressed groups such as gays and lesbians.

Gay Military Compromise?

The infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell,” compromise which was developed in the 1990s during the Clinton administration supposedly was designed in a manner that allowed members of the military who were gay or lesbian to continue serving as long as they kept their mouths shut. This resulted for nearly twenty years in a policy which compelled servicemen to serve their nation as long as no one knew what they did at night when alone with another man or woman. There are now reports of a new “compromise” under which the policy would be repealed. Yes, the policy would end. Well, not exactly. After the “don’t ask,don’t tell” policy is declared null and void, the military would then have a few years to work out details as to how gays and lesbians can openly function.

The silly season has arrived. If the policy is declared to be at an end, do it NOW!!

Obama Heckled About Army Gay Policy

President Barack Obama was giving a talk in support of Senator Barabara Boxer’s re-election campaign when hecklers in the audience began shouting denunciations of the president and wanted to know when he finally would end the infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which prevents gays and lesbians from openly expressing their sexual orientations. Finally, the shouts were so loud, Obama responded by making clear he wanted to end the policy, but was working with leaders of the armed forces. He also noted that Senator Boxer opposed the original policy.

Liberals and those seeking to end injustice all too frequently seek immediacy. I confess to being in this mind set. However, Obama and Secretary of Defense Gates and Admiral Mullen, chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have all come out in favor of ending the current policy. The policy will be changed.

How about heckling those opposing change like Senator John McCain?

Be Gay But Behave Sad!

Confusion regarding the infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy continues to make it difficult for anyone who is gay or lesbian serving in the armed forces. Army Secretary John McHugh told the media he had been misquoted about a suspension of the existing policy about gays and lesbians. Any gay or lesbian member of the armed forces who is honest will find a quick exit from the military. There is no moratorium on the policy. “Until Congress repeals the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ it remains the law of the land and the Department of the Army and I will fulfill our obligations to uphold it.” However, if a soldier approaches McHugh and mentions being either gay or lesbian, nothing will happen.

In other words if McHugh is having a personal conversation with a soldier who blurts out being gay, the Army Secretary will suddenly become deaf and blind as to who just spoke, How about the entire military adopting that stance?

Some Say Tell, Some Say Don’t Tell

President Obama and Admiral Mike Mullen support the proposal of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that the infamous “don’t Ask, don’t Tell” policy should end and gays and lesbians be allowed to openly serve in the military. At present gays and lesbians are allowed to die for their nation as long as they keep their mouths shut and die in silence. Army Chief of Staff George Casey expressed concern over making policy changes while there are wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. In his view to make changes while soldiers risk their lives is disturbing and threatening.

General Casey supposedly is commanding men and women in the US Army, but apparently, he only is concerned about some who die and doesn’t give a damn about others who die. The bottom line is that ALL who serve this country and ALL who may die are entitled to die with DIGNITY! Let’s tell the world this basic idea!