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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Hearings!

Candidate Barack Obama promised during his campaign to address the issue of the role of gays and lesbians in the military. A year has passed and while he has addressed the health care issue, nothing much has been done concerning the infamous, “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule which allows the military to dismiss members of the armed forces who are gay. Of course, this does not mean all gay people have to leave the service, just gay people who refuse to keep their mouths shut. There are gays in the military who are on their third or fourth deployment overseas which means they have risked their lives over and over again in the service of their country. On the other hand, there are millions of non-gay men and women who will never get near a front line in their lives since they have enough common sense to avoid anything that is dangerous to their well being.

It is time to end the farce, it is time to recognize patriotism and to put on end to this travesty of justice. Perhaps, President Obama could stand up for those who serve as much as he has stood up for bankers and Wall Street types who only serve their own interests. Pay attention to gays in the service, Mr. President, they actually are doing more for this nation than all the bankers put together.

What Exactly Was The Original Human Design?

It is unclear to me how the Creator designed the human race. One might argue the Creator began the process of human life, and then allowed free will, but the free will was given within the context of the originally designed human. Pope Benedict XVI blasted laws which refuse to acknowledge the original design of humans by the Creator. His comments came days after Portugal became the latest nation which recognized gay marriage. According to the Pope, attacks on human life come from “laws or proposals which, in the name of fighting discrimination strike at the biological basis of the difference between the sexes.” But, if there is free will then why can’t there be free will to allow humans to decide how they marry or don’t marry?

The Pope is correct in stating, “freedom can not be absolute.” Of course not, but how does he decision by two adult males or females to live together as a married couple strike at the freedom of anyone else? Gays are not attacking straights, they are simply seeking an opportunity to be gay.

Whatever Happened To Ideas Of Pope John XXIII?

To those living in the early 1960s when Pope John XXIII arrived on the scene of the Catholic Church there was hope and expectation of moving the church into the 20th century. Unfortunately, the happy Pope who was receptive to new ideas and regarded all humans as the children of God, died too soon and those who followed him moved the Church dramatically away from his ideas of reform. We are in the 21st century and leaders of the Catholic Church wanted to deny even the good Catholic Edward Kennedy a Catholic burial. Strange, but I never heard any of these people seeking to deny the vicious Catholic Argentine Army officers who murdered innocent people punishment for their behavior. Can anyone recall the dictator Pinochet being regarded as a bad Catholic. Sorry, he was against gays and against abortion so what if he killed thousands of innocent people, he was on the right side of the Church.

The American Catholic Church will split sometime this century and form their own Catholic Church. One that respects all humans, one that respects the rights of gays and lesbians. As to the issue of abortion, there is no simple right or wrong answer. It is a question caught in the vise of medical research which challenges the definition of what constitutes human life. Is there not room in the Catholic Church for those who sincerely believe in the right of abortion? Wouldn’t the Church be more able to fulfill its mission on Earth if it allowed those who differ to be par;t of the Church and worked to persuade them rather than to punish them?

Church Of Sweden Says OK But Priests Say NO!

The Church of Sweden has announced that gays and lesbians have the right to get married within a church, but it also gave the right to priests to decide if they wished to go along with the policy. Latest figures indicate that one in five priests have refused to go along with the new policy and will not sanction a gay or lesbian marriage. Ingemar Scott put in bluntly: “the Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman.” Of course, the Bible teaches many other things including the right of people to own slaves, but for some reason modern humans never cite that part of the Bible.

I am always fascinated by church officials who decry the rise of divorce and seek to assist people to avoid a divorce. On one hand, these church officials want the stability of marriage, but, on the other hand, they do not want gays and lesbians to marry. Is there something wrong with this equation>


One must occasionally ask the question–Why In America and the World?

Why in America are the people of this land confused about the need for health care?

Why doesn’t anyone in government have the faintest idea on how to solve economic problems?

Why is a man allowed to spend $100 million in order to get elected as mayor?

Why do Israelis ignore the historic Jewish commitment to human rights when the word “Palestinian” is evoked?

Why are Americans more concerned about taxing wealthy people than providing jobs or health care to the poor and middle class?

Why is someone who authorized torture viewed as an elder statesman?

Why do people walk around with big tummies?

Why must a young person avoid seeing a doctor because he lacks the money and has swine flu?

Why are Americans oblivious about global warming and what must be done?

Why do people who believe in the sanctity of marriage oppose marriage when it involves men marrying men or women marrying women?

More Lesbians Separated From Military Than Gays

The Pentagon has uncovered a rather interesting fact– although women account for 15% of the armed forces, lesbians represent one-third of those who are separated from the military due to the infamous, “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. According to Professor Belkin of the University of California: “It’s very clear the military comes down harder on women than on men, but the question of whether they come down harder on lesbians than gay men is harder to answer.” However, these latest statistics may provide proof the military is coming down harder on lesbian soldiers. Ironically, the Pentagon can investigate this issue because regulations forbid any investigation as long as gays and lesbians maintain their silence regarding sexual preferences.

Air Force figures leave no doubt as to what is happening in our military. Although women constitute 20 per cent of the Air Force, they account for 61% of those discharged due to the gay/lesbian policy of the armed forces. Oh well, we are only in the 21st century, perhaps, when we enter the 22nd this policy might be abandoned.

Don’t Be Asked, But You Can Tell! How About It?

There are an estimated 65,000 members of the armed forces currently on active duty who probably fit into the classification of being either gay or lesbian. A recent article in the top Pentagon journal, “Joint Force Quarterly” by a student at the National Defense University urged the end of the infamous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Colonel Om Prakash argues in his article there is no reason to continue a policy that makes no sense in the current world. As he points out:
1. Most polls indicate a majority of Americans support the presence of gays and lesbians in the armed forces.
2. The armed forces have lost about 12,000 excellent soldiers due to the policy.
3. There is no evidence having gays and lesbians in the armed forces would create social problems for other soldiers.
4. Commanders have more problems trying to implement the current policy than it is worth.

The journal emphasized Prakash’s article did not represent views of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but there is some evidence they are ready to change policy. End the stupidity of throwing out excellent members of the armed forces when 99% of Americans do not wish to serve their country.

Army Essay In DoD Journal Backs Gay Soldiers

An essay by Air Force Colonel Om Parakash that appeared in the Joint Force Quarterly, urged a complete overhaul of regulations dealing with gays and lesbians. Prakash did not mince words and said, “It is not time for the administration to reexamine the issue, rather, it is time for the administration to examine how to implement the repeal of the ban.” he cited several reasons for ending bans on gays and lesbians.

1. Loss of over 12,000 trained personnel over the past decade at a time when the armed forces desperately needs these individuals.
2. There is no evidence gays and lesbians in the armed forces creates social problems.
3. Public opinion polls show most Americans no longer support a ban on gays and lesbians.
4. The ban, in itself, creates more problems for commanders than benefits.

Common sense, but is it enough to persuade equivocating Barack Obama to actually take a stand in support of human rights?


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Facebook For The Dead”
How does one prove he is qualified for this Facebook?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Malaysia Crabby Over Hijacked Recipes”
They really don’t like any fish menus taken without permission.

Israel, Haaretz: “Can Gay Porn Save Israel’s Image”
Just what Israel needs — macho gay man in action!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post; “Free Bike Theft Protection”
Are their bikes free to be taken? If so, how can they be stolen?

Sweden, The Local: “Clown Accused of Tax Fraud”
Heck, in America, we have clowns, buffoons, and others who will defraud any and all people.

UK, The Independent: “Obama Talks Tough On Climate Change”
Has he tried such language in the US Congress?

South Africa, Argus: “When Excuses Run Out”
I assume this refers to Wall Street financial leaders explaining how it wasn’t their fault a recession happened.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Sex Or Life”
I can just hear Silvio Belusconi, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking!”

Canada, Toronto Star: “Mystery of Missing Girl”
She’s missing?


It is clear the Growling Republican Party is out to get the president and they will stop at nothing to blame him for all ills in the world. We recently came into possession of a missive from a senior Growler concerning future attacks on “that man in the White House.” The Obama man can expect these issues will be raised with the public,

The New York Football Giants do not have an outstanding wide receiver but Chicago has one.

Lack of any good films this summer. Is this a coincidence? Or is it related to electing “that man?”

Why if Lou Dobbs comes across a fact it only is allowed to linger in his mind for a micro-second.

Swine flu epidemic. Come on, there was no swine flu epidemic when George Bush was president!

The Chicago Cubs have not won a world series in nearly a hundred years. And, Barack Obama used to live in Chicago!

Osama bin Laden has yet to be captured dead or alive.

The inability of Rush Limbaugh to lose weight. Oppose Barack Obama and you will gain weight.

Why there are enough empty stores to fill a small sized city.

Why over one thousand veterans of WWI die each day.

Why a member of your family or a friend is gay or lesbian.

Why milk no longer costs a nickel a bottle as it did in my America before the arrival of Barack Obama and his Socialist crew.