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Love Does Not Triumph Over Power!

The government of the Australian Capital Territory said it might vote against a proposed bill that would allow gay marriages even though their party supports the idea of gay marriage. Labor Minister Andrew Barr, who plans to register a civil partnership with his long term partner, Anthony Toms, said he would vote against the gay bill because his party came before his love for Tony. “I’m a minister in a government, that’s the responsibility you have as a member of Cabinet and as a member of the Labor Party.”

Greens are fighting to provide equality in marriage to all people in ACT. One can only assume those stories about Romeo and Juliet are not as powerful as stories about two men in love. Come on Andrew, take a fling and allow love to conquer all. So, one day a minister, and the next day a man in love who sits at home and cooks meals. Isn’t that more romantic?


Each day we offer a review of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “News In Brief”
No news.

Sweden, The Local: “Fire Photographer Admits Arson”
Now, we know why he was always first on the scene of fires!

South Africa, Argus: “Courts Changed My Perfect Wife”
They granted her a divorce.

UK, Guardian: “Ken Livingstone To Wed At Zoo”
He will wed the charming Alice Tiger.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Ramadan Has Arrived”
Gee, it never knew it had left.

Turkey, Hurriyet: ‘No Men Allowed In Milk Factory”
Breast feeding women do not want men around.

China, China Daily: “Chinese Tourists Robbed In New Zealand”
OK, robbers, be on the lookout for any New Zealand tourists!

UAE, Khaleej Times: ‘Lutherans Allow Sexually Active Gays As Clergy”
Does this mean gays who are no sexually active can’t be clergy”?

Oman, Oman Tribune: ‘Iran Brushes Off Argentine Criticism”
Just another one of those Zionist run countries mouthing off.

It’s Not Gay To Be Gay In Iraq

The American invasion of Iraq was expected to bring happiness to the people of that unfortunate nation, but, one group has certainly encountered anything but sorrow– gay Iraqis The Swedish Federation of Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights(RFSL) is urging its government to afford political asylum to those who are gay since there is a high probability a gay or lesbian would be subject to brutality the moment they entered the bastion of democracy– Iraq.

The very concept of “democracy” as espoused by Bush administration officials was rhetoric, but it had even less claim to reality when the plight of gays, lesbians and transgender people is explored. They are the subject of death squads which hunt them down in order to wipe out any trace of those who do not act straight and, we mean straight.

If any group is entitled to political asylum it is those who fit into the category of RFSL.

First Iraq War Veteran Congressman Speaks For Gays

Discussions concerning the rights of gays and lesbians frequently lead to comments by those defending the current “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that to allow those with weird ideas about sexuality into the armed forces would result in a dramatic drop in morale as well as discourage those who want to enlist. Of course, I suspect millions of people at this moment who are working in hundreds of work locations have absolutely no idea if the person next to them is gay or lesbian. Congressman Patrick Murphy is the first veteran of the Iraq war who has been elected to Congress and he is among the leading advocates of ending current policy which discriminates against gays and lesbians. He regards as insulting to those who serve the notion they would refuse to accept gays and lesbians as comrades in arms.

It would be interesting if the Joint Chiefs of Staff actually asked men and women in the field of combat how they feel regarding the issue of gays and lesbians as fellow soldiers. Of course, in hundreds of cases gays and lesbians are fighting alongside their friends and no one gives a damn. Ah, for the righteous folk in America who want to maintain sexual purity. You know, someone like Sarah Palin who is furious that teenagers have children.

Ill Equipped Translators Translate Into Dead Americans

American armed forces in Afghanistan increasingly have their lives placed at risk because language translators arrive who are out of shape, bewildered they must serve in combat zones and are often unfamiliar with the languages of local people. Many translators are in their fifties, sixties and even seventies which makes them physically unfit to be with Marines and Army men who are fighting in rural or mountainous areas. Troops claim low-skilled and disgruntled translators place their lives at risk. Cpl. William Woodall made clear, “intelligence can save Marines’ lives and give us an advantage on the battlefield,” but when translators are physically unable to keep up with Marines they become a burden rather than an asset.

Many translators claim they were misled by recruiters who told them their jobs would not be in combat zones but in safe areas. Khalid Nazary, an Afghan American citizen living in Kabul was told by a recruiter, “You’re not on the battlefield.” The US army believes recruiters will say whatever is necessary to get the person signed up so they can collect their fees while those in combat must deal with an upset, physically unfit and bewildered individual who doesn’t want to be near any combat.

Of course, lost in this problem is the reality that dozens of highly qualified and physically fit translators have been fired from the armed forces due to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which keeps out gays and lesbians. Ask those in combat if they would prefer a qualified gay translator or an unfit straight man!

The Tragedy Of AIDS In Africa

The other day, President Obama said the future of Africa was in the hands of Africans, but what happens when Africans ignore the realities of 21st century life? Rates of HIV infections among gays in many African countries are 10 times those of the general male population. Most experts on the issue blame fear of being stigmatized as gay as well as poverty and lack of ready access to doctors for this figure. A wall of silence, repression, and discrimination face anyone who admits to being a gay or lesbian which compels many to accept illness to the shame of being exposed for their sexual beliefs. A recent story in Lancet notes, “unprotected anal sex is commonplace, knowledge and access to appropriate risk prevention measures are inadequate.”

Hopefully, the Bush era of refusing to support providing condoms and other health measures will assist many males to obtain access to what they must use while engaged in sex. However, personal feelings of shame will not go away until their individual societies begin to make changes.


It is the year, 1962 and President Kennedy has brought together leaders of the civil rights movement that seeks to end prejudice against Negroes.

“Gentlemen, I appreciate your willingness to come to this meeting. As you all are well aware this country is confronting serious foreign policy issues as the Soviet Union constructs a wall to separate east Germany from the West, Communist China is in turmoil, and the Middle East is in conflict with no hope of ending the Israel-Arab dispute. New reports from Vietnam indicate problems in that region are escalating and this nation will have to decide how to handle growing violence. I know all in this room realize the threat of nuclear war exists in the Cuba issue.
Here at home, as you all know, we are dealing with a recession that requires greater government into the economy. I hope you all understand this administration is committed to the goal of equal rights for Negroes. We will not waver from that goal. But, we must be realistic. This administration can not deal with world conflicts and serious economic stress if we shift the focus to deal with Negro rights. The world could well be on the verge of a serious atomic bomb conflict in Cuba. I must focus attention and resources on those issues. I need the support of Republicans as well as conservative Democrats in order to confront these world issues, and if I allow this administration to get side-tracked with concern over Negro rights, we may well witness the loss of our entire society.
I am asking everyone in this room to set aside for the moment your concerns about civil rights and focus on the major issues facing American society. I realize this will not please anyone in this room, but I must address issues that threaten the very existence of this society.”

I guess President Barack Obama would have given this speech since he does not believe the rights of gays and lesbians can be addressed along with other issues. Somehow, I think if Obama was in that room fifty years ago, he would be arguing that both rights of Negroes and foreign policy could be simultaneously addressed. Thank God, John Kennedy was no Barack Obama!

Human Rights Groups Unite To End Anti-Gay Laws!

A coalition of human rights groups is organizing a national tour to seek the end of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which has resulted in the discharge of over 13,000 service men and women. A Human Rights Campaign and Servicemembers United will present gay, lesbian and straight speakers, all veterans whose service either was ended as a result of the armed forces on gays or who want to speak out on behalf of gay service members. It will be a national tour and more cities may be added to the list. Rep. Patrick Murphy, a two term congressman and former serviceman fighting in Iraq, told the National Press Club, ‘Our troops are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are stretched dangerously thin.” They need more soldiers fighting alongside them and would welcome gays, lesbians or straights as long as they can shoot straight.

How can the United States turn down the services of men and women who want to serve in active combat? The anti-gay policy is a policy that threatens the lives of those fighting and must be ended. Perhaps, gays and lesbians can be discharged but that does not make those remaining very gay about the loss of comrades who risked all to serve alongside of them.

Slow Road To Equality For Gays Says Government!

Barack Obama promised gays last fall he would take steps to end the infamous “don’s ask, don’t tell” policy in the armed forces which compels gays and lesbians who speak the truth concerning their sexual orientation to be dismissed from the service. Admiral Mike Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said he had advised Obama to move “in a measured way” to make any change in the policy. “It’s very clear what President Obama’s intent here is. He intends to see this law change. “I’ve had conversations with him” and urged a cautious approach. The assumption of this approach is that a crisis will arise by ending the policy toward gays and lesbians. For some reason, no one asks the simple question as to why would there be a crisis? Who would be upset?

Right now in Iran and Afghanistan gays and lesbians are engaged in combat operations. As far as we know, there are no incidents of soldiers protesting serving alongside with gays or lesbians. In the absence of any incidents against gays and lesbians, we can assume other members of the armed forces don’t give a damn about serving with those who have other sexual experiences.

The integration of the armed forces occurred during combat in the Korean War. Some whites did not like the changes, but they accepted them and life proceeded. The same result will come about if we end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

EUK Bishop Calls On Gays To Repent

The Bishop of Rochester created a minor outrage among gays and lesbians when he insisted that “traditional teaching” of the Bible must be upheld and this means that those with unusual attitudes toward sex just don’t belong in Christianity. His comment to homosexuals was “we want them to repent and be changed.” The good bishop, Michael Nazir-Ali, undoubtedly represents all that is good and worthy in the Christians religion and his direct line to God ensures he knows what the Big Guy up in the sky wants in terms of sexual behaviors. Sharon Ferguson of the Lesbian and Gay christian Movement believes his comments endanger the future of the Church of England.

Perhaps, both Ms. Ferguson and the good Bishop of Rochester miss a point. He calls upon gays and lesbians to repent, but for some reason he does not call upon those who torture prisoners to repent, he does not call on those who engage in hate campaigns against Muslims to repent, he does not call on bankers and stock brokers who robbed billions from ordinary people to repent.

I just wonder, is God more interested in gays repenting or is more interested in those who kill and torture to repent? I’m just asking because I lack phone connection to the Big Guy in the sky.