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US Congress Seeks To Impede Middle East Peace

During the past several years, the greatest enemy of Israel has been George Bush and some Congressmen who believe Israel does no wrong and all problems would be resolved in the Middle East if everyone simply goes along with the view that Muslim terrorists are the source of all problems. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed to provide Gaza over 800 million in aid to deal with the devastation of the Israeli invasion. The Clinton initiative received warm support among Arab nations which strengthened the ability of the Secretary of State to be a force in any negotiations. Some members of Congress wish to link any aid with guarantees that rocket attacks will cease and the Israeli soldier who is captive will be released. Rep. Shelley Berkley of California demands Clinto will not provide aid until the Israeli soldier is released and rocket fire ends.

The life of a single individual is important but over a thousand people have died in an effort to secure his release. There comes a time when the needs of millions must take precedence over the life of a single person. Secure peace in the Middle East and Mr. Shalit will be headed home.