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Vengeance Is Mine Says The Lord

The horrible slaughter of innocent Jewish students in Jerualsam by a deranged Hamas fanatic has sparked feeling among many West Bank settlers to respond by vowing to build additional illegal settlements for each person who was killed. They apparently believe violence must be answered by actions of violence against the Israel government policy of continuing the pursuit of peace via negotiations. Dani Dayan, chairman of the Yesha Council, said the attack was a deliberate blow aimed at the Mercaz Herav Yesha known for its messianic national religious Zionism.

Among the most sad aspects of these killings is the reaction among many Muslims who celebrated in the streets of Gaza at the death of innocent children. Any group of people who express joy at the death of innocent humans are both spiritually and emotionally sick. Even as they dance, the forces of violence are growing stronger in Israel. Will they dance if their own children die in some form of counter-attack?