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US Support For Israel Drops But Lieberman Rants On!

A recent study by Project Israel reveals American public support for the state of Israel has dropped over the past nine months from 69% supportive to 49% supportive. The reason is not because Americans are entranced by the performance of the Palestinians, but they are increasingly disgusted by a pig headed obdurate stance on the part of Israel leaders such as Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who refuse to offer any sensible proposals for peace other than whatever we have been doing we intend to continue doing it. The Obama administration has increased pressure for Israel to allow free flow of goods in and out of Gaza and allow its inhabitants to work at restoring their economy. Secretary of State Clinton wishes Israel would cease linking the release of a captured Israel soldier to the lives of the entire Gaza population.

The Israel soldier eventually will be released but there is no evidence the present Israel policy is helping to achieve that goal. Obama wants border crossings opened and commerce to restart in order to focus the attention of Gaza inhabitants on their economic development. Forcing them to endure poverty only gains new recruits for violence.

Perhaps, the people of Israel could watch on TV how hundreds of thousands of young Muslims in Iran are peacefully fighting for peace. Those youngsters do not seek war with Israel anymore than do most Muslims. If Israel would accept the 1967 boundaries a compromise can be worked out concerning return of Palestinian refugees.