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Geert Wilders Is The Problem, Not The Solution!

Geert Wilders who heads the anti-Muslim Freedom Party in the Netherlands obtained a significant number of votes in local elections by spouting fear and hatred. According to the man who never met a Muslim he could trust, “Today Almere and the Hague, tomorrow the whole of the Netherlands. Either intentionally or not, these words are almost exactly what Adolf Hitler spouted in claiming today, Germany, tomorrow the world. He is an honest man who says what he thinks and what he thinks is that Muslim women have no right to wear the niqab or headscarves and all Muslims should abandon the Koran and pick up a nice Christian Bible. The German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung warned “If nothing happens to prevent it, the PVV will get the highest or second highest number of votes in the June parliamentary elections. That is bad news for the Netherlands.”

The Conservative Die Welt feared “things that happen in the Netherlands trend to repeat themselves in other western European countries..” Are we witnessing a pan-European movement that will result in the European Union presenting itself as a bulwark against Muslim nations? For some German newspapers such as Handelsblatt, “for decades, the Netherlands has enjoyed a reputation for having an especially open and tolerant society” and does that mean those values are under attack in Europe and doomed to survive?

Gert Wilders Gets Anti-Muslim Votes

Gert Wilders is a man on a mission to get rid of Muslims from the western world. After winning many local campaigns in the Netherlands, the victorious bigot proclaimed: “We are going to conquer the entire country..We are going to be the biggest party in the country.” In his view, a campaign based on the idea of deporting Muslims, forbidding women to wear the niqab is simply a way to preserve the culture and values of Holland from these foreign infidels. When I was growing up in the 1930s there were several leaders in Europe who expressed similar views only the object of hate was not Muslims, but Jews.

Ironically, Muslims fought back against hatred by having both men and women show up to vote wearing headscarves which to people like Geert is a symbol of threat to all he holds dear. Hopefully, the people of Holland will regain their common sense and once again serve as a beacon of freedom and liberty in Europe. Wilders is simply a moment in history, he is not history.

Geert Wilders–Go Home With Your Headscarves!

I am old enough to remember anger in the 1960s against Americans who wore long hair and dressed in old sloppy clothes because to some staunch patriots such attire and hair style violated the very foundation of the republic. Geert Wilders has a similar attitude in his native Netherlands where he shouts and rants and goes berserk when Muslim women put on their headscarves. He apparently takes a woman having a headscarf on her head as not only attacking all Dutch women but posing some form of terrorism. He wants new legislation that bans wearing this garment in government offices or any institution or club which “gets even one cent of council money.”

When asked if it is OK for a Jewish male to wear a skull cap or for a Catholic to display a cross the man with a fiery mouth against wearing things says that is OK because they represent Dutch symbols and culture. Lost in this man’s anger is some sort of logic.

Has Geert ever thought of trying to make out with Sarah Palin? They would readily have a meeting of deranged minds.

Geert Wilders Gains In Polls

If history is any guide we can expect to witness the rise of angry right wing groups as the economic crisis becomes even more severe. In times of financial worry, people seek to identify causes for their misfortune and it is always easier to blame the stranger who invariably is the recent group to arrive in a society. A recent opinion poll indicates if parliamentary elections were held next week in the Netherlands, right wing anti-Muslim fanatic Geert Wilders would emerge as leader of the largest party in parliament. He would win 27 seats in the 150 seat body as opposed to the nine his party currently holds. His popularity has risen since an Amsterdam court decided to try him for his anti-Muslim comments and he received even more exposure when Great Britain banned him from entry in the county.

Last week, the Dutch right winger winged his way to the United States to show his anti-Muslim film and few in Congress bothered to see it or him. The American media ignored his presence which only goes to show that ignoring people like Wilders is a more effective tool than giving him the stage on which to strut his nutty ideas before the world.

Dutch Parliament Furious At UK Ban On Wilders

The vast majority of members of parliament in the Netherlands completely disagree with the anti-Muslim views of one of its members, Geert Wilders, but believe since he is a member of the legislature it was wrong for the United Kingdom to refuse him entry to their country. Wilders deliberately attempts to provoke conflict and hatred toward those of the Muslim faith, but he was invited to speak in Great Britain and is a duly elected government official. Gerdi Veebeet, chair of parliament expressed her dismay that Wilders was denied entry and the Dutch foreign ministry, told the British, “The Netherlands deeply regrets the fact that the United Kingdom did not revoke its decision to refuse Mr. Wilders entry into the country.

Wilders seeks to deny rights to people of the Muslim faith in the Netherlands so it is rather ironic that the United Kingdom is denying him the right to speak. If some people get upset at his words they can ignore him or they can publicly refute his nonsense, but to deny his right to speak plays into his crazy ideas that Muslims are being pampered.

Geert Wilders Interview With Der Spiegel

Geert Wilders, the provocative right-wing politician from the Netherlands, discussed his anti-Islam film, “Fitna,” which already has provoked demonstrations in Muslim nations througout the world with correspondents from Der Spiegel. Mr. Wilders claims “the political elite has demonstrated with astonishing clarity that it learned nothing from the debate over the Muhammad cartoons. It bows to the Islamists.” The basic argument of Mr. Wilders is that he does not harbor hartred toward Muslim people, but to the ideology that is propogated in the Koran and by militant followers.

Mr. Wilders argues he is attempting to “provoke a discussion” so that when an imam attacks homosexuality or supports forced marriages, other Muslims will stand up to denounce those words of hate. He argues the concept of “moderate Islam” is a “contradiction. It’s going to be a long time before we see a new Koran, an equivalent to the New Testament. Attacks don’t happen in the name of Buddhism or Chrisitianity, nor do homosexuals get beaten up, as happens daily in Amsterdam.”

An essential problem with Mr. Wilders and his views on the Muslim religion is that he allows a minority to represent the majority. People killed in the name of Christianity well into the 20th century and people killed in Rwanda in the name of an ethnic group. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed less than twenty years ago and they were not slaughtered by Muslims. To have lived in the 20th century was to have witnessed every conceivable horror known in human history and the overwhelming majority were carried out by true believers in communism or Christianity or some political ideology. The reality is that Muslim terrorists do not pose any serious threat to the western world, they have destablized many Muslim nations, but part of the reason for chaos must also fall on the shoulders of people like George Bush.

We await anxiously the next Wilders film entitled, “Frat Boy” or “How George Bush Destabilized the Muslim World.”