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Is Gender Based Abortion Morally Legal?

A woman in Sweden who was mother of two girls asked the doctors to tell her the gender of the fetus and when she was told it was a girl the woman had an abortion. Several months later she came to the medical facility and once again was pregnant. Once again she asked the gender of the fetus and was told it was a girl. She then proceeded to have an abortion. In both cases the fetus was found to be perfectly normal and there was no medical reason to abort its birth. A Swedish doctor has asked for clarification as to the legal and moral obligations doctors must confront when they believe a woman is aborting the baby due to a desire to have a specific gender birth.

This is an interesting test case for people of the medical profession. Do they have a right to interfere with a woman who wants boy or girl babies and is willing to abort for those reasons? An interesting moral dilemma.