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New Sex Gender Urges Australian Human Rights

Australia’s official human rights watchdog wants a third gender which they term, “intersex” to be created for use on official documents such as passports. The new gender would be legally recognized and be valid for use by anyone who believes he/she/them fits the description of being an “intersex” person. Under the proposal from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission anyone, regardless of having an operation or not, would be eligible to declare themselves to be “intersex.”

Perhaps, we have missed the boat on the potential ways in which we can classify humans. My children are the result of a Jewish-Catholic marriage so can they be termed: Cathjew on their passport or any document that asks for religion. How about people who do not enjoy sex that results in penetration and are gays or lesbians, can they become, “outersex” people? So does the child of a black-white marriage become “an inbetween” person?