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Marine Corps General –“We Are Not An Island.”

Since the advent on the political scene of former actor Ronald Reagan, American presidents and their followers enjoy speaking in sweeping generalities concerning how America will handle adversity. Marine Corps General James Cartwright spoke in blunt terms regarding the reality of the task confronting America in the coming years. “There is nothing out thing out there that tells us we won’t be wrapped up in these conflicts for as far as the eye can see.” What began with a George Bush invasion of Afghanistan(sorry, Glenn Beck, it is Bush’s war, not that of Obama)and subsequent attack on Iraq to secure the ever elusive WMD, America has been bogged down in one conflict after another. Republican Conservatives who enthusiastically supported these ventures now insist they are the responsibility of Democrats.

Cartwright made clear the US has to re-evaluate its military arsenal and focus on weapons that relate to battles we are fighting, not those we never will witness. He urges including allies in our ventures because our resources are limited. “we are not an island.”