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Restore American Pride Says General Jones

Retired General James Jones who will become Barack Obama’s national security adviser, told a marine audience he took the job because he wanted to restore America’s stature in the world and make being an American someone can be proud to say. He wants to recapture the feeling that once was held by millions of people that being an American meant one supported the dignity and rights of all people to a decent life. In a sense, Jones, wants to rid America of the Bush stains upon our moral standing in the world. America has to be more than a nation which begins wars and then subjects captured prisoners to torture and brutality. Bush’s legacy has been to besmirch the uniform of American soldiers by linking wearing that uniform to being part of an army which destroys human dignity.

I do not know if General Jones can help to end the legacy of George Bush, but it is important to restore the dignity of those who fight for this nation. I do not know if the future will look back on this generation with admiration. But, if Barack Obama can ensure that no American soldier ever again has to engage in criminal actions, he will take the first step on the road back to pride in America.