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Pakistan Parliament Gets Truth About Military Situation

In a secret session, the Parliament of Pakistan was given a briefing by General Pasha, the new head of the ISI, who discussed in detail problems created by the presence of al-Qaeda and the Taliban in northwest regions of the country. He informed Parliament the Taliban had gained complete control of certain districts and the Pakistan army was trying to respond to this threat. Pasha told the MPs that Taliban terrorists brain wash young people in order to create a mind-set that is against the government and ready to die in the service of terrorism. A major problem continues to be created by influx of terrorist groups from Afghanistan. In contradiction to many American claims he said the rules of engagement clearly state only Pakistan forces can take action against targets in their nation. No permission has been given to American forces to strike into Pakistan.

General Pasha described a Taliban program of creating chaos by destroying gas and power installations. He also claimed some western groups were aiding the Taliban but did not specifically mention names to support his contention.