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Freedom OF Speech Triumphs In Sweden

Lennart Eriksson was a member of the Migration Board and on his personal blog he was evidently a strong supporter of Israel as well as a great admirer of the American WWII hero, General George Patton. These views upset members of the Migration Board and they transferred Mr. Eriksson from his position and made clear they disagreed with views expressed on his blog. Sweden’s Parliamentary Ombudsman rapped the Migration Board for violating freedom of speech. “The constitutional protection of freedom of speech means that, amongst other things, the public may not take action against an individual who has exercised their freedom of speech. There are no exceptions in this case.”

Well said. A person can rant on his blog and express diverse views. The most unusual aspect of this case is that Mr. Eriksson expressed support for Israel and General Patton. He apparently did not know that General Patton was a notorious anti-semite, despite the fact one of the divisions in his army, had the highest percentage of Jewish soldiers of any unit in the American armed forces.