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Return Home Soldiers Say US Generals

Retired General Robert Scales told a Senate Committee it was imperative to begin a process that would result in bringing home most American soldiers from Iraq. He said there is no doubt a major withdrawl from combat is necessary because the United States has “run out of military options” and cannot continue the strain on our military. He frankly did not think it mattered who won the November election. “The only point of contntion is how precipitous will be the withdrawal and whether the schedule of whithdrawal should be a matter of administration policy.” Scales testified with two other retired Army generals, Geneeral Odom and General McCaffery, who agreed on the need for withdrawal. According to Odom, “the only sensible strategy is to withdraw with an over-extended army.”

Although General Scales speaks common sense, it does matter who is elected in November because a president McCain will continue the fight begun by Bush. Common sense has never been a strong aspect of the military minded McCain.