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Bush Says No Torture–Pentagon Says Yes Torture

President Bush has insisted throughout his presidency that use of torture was never employed against any foreign terrorist who was captured. A Pentagon official, Susan Crawford, a retired judge, admitted that Mohammed al-Qahtani, was subjected to severe torture during his interrogation process by CIA officials. “We tortured Qahtani,”admitted the judge who in May dismissed charges against him because torture rendered invalid any confession. Qahtani’s lawyer, Lt. Col. Bryan Broyles, argued in death sentence cases a confession could not be offered as evidence if there was the slightest possibility it had been obtained due to torture. Mr. Qahtani was subjected to waterboarding, threatened by dogs and made to stay in freezing conditions.

President Clinton was subjected to an impeachment process for lying about sex. Does this mean President Bush should be subjected to an impeachment process for lying about violating international agreements such as the Geneva Convention?