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Genocide? Not Me Insists Sudan Leader!

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir insists he is not concerned over charges leveled against him by the International Criminal Court that he is guilty of genocide. However, he recently sent his Tourism Minister, Joseph Dong, to Mozambique to plead for his assistance in dealing with the genocide charges. Dong told Mozambican President Armando Guebuza, “Sudan rejects these accusations. There is no genocide, there are just some political problems. In any case, we haven’t ratified the treaty setting up this court.” Bashir asked for help in having the entire matter turned over to the African Union where the “political problem” could be resolved among friends.

Despite his claims to the contrary, Bashir is concerned about genocide charges and is trying to get the do-nothing Africa Union involved in the case so he can claim an African entity found him not guilty of the charges. One suspects there are African Union leaders like President Mugabe he would be thrilled to rule there is no genocide in Darfur, just a slight modification of living arrangements.