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Welcome To “Overseas Contingency Operations”

Forget about any “war on terrorism.” The infamous Bush term which made absolutely no sense since one fights groups and individuals rather than abstractions has come to an end. The George Brush promise to fight terrorism “until every terrorist group of global search has been found, stopped and defeated” will never be since President Obama has decided this lofty goal could never be achieved, at least on planet Earth, and it must be supplanted with an expression that is closer to the target — “overseas contingency operations.” Obama dispatched an email informing everyone the “war on terror” has come to an end, let’s all get behind the “overseas contingency operation” which is must clearer and doable.

There is just one minor problem confronting President Obama. Does anyone who reads or writes in the English language have the faintest idea what is meant by “overseas contingency operation?” Anyway, if you happen to run across any one who is into “overseas contingency operations” grab hold of that person and send him directly to the White House.

Shoe Thrower Gets A Few Years

Iraqi courts have decided there is no legal justifiable right to throw one’s shoe at someone regardless of the provocation by the other individual. Muntadhar al-Zeidi has been convicted of the heinous crime of throwing his shoe at an important person who at the moment of the shoe’s flight was president of the United States of America. It is unclear if Mr. al-Zeidi would have been sent to jail for even a day if he had thrown his shoe at an al-Qaeda militant or his neighbor. Apparently, in Iraq there is no right to get angry and throw a shoe. Of course, Mr. Zeidi argued seeing George Bush awoke in him a natural urge to let it all hang out and just fling the shoe.

If there are reasons for justifiable homicide we believe there are occasions when the sight of George Bush allows a bit of justifiable anger and throwing a shoe that missed should not lead anyone to jail. How about a three week vacation in Disney World?

Laura Bush Defends Husband Against Unfair Critics

Laura Bush is a wonderful woman who has comported herself with dignity and decorum in the midst of some difficult times, but when one is married to the village idiot it is only natural that in defending him her comments come across as somewhat hypocritical. She blasted the media as being “unfair” in discussing her husband’s successes such as destroying the Saddam Hussein regime, freeing the people of Afghanistan and working to end AIDS in Africa. She rebuffed critics who insisted the United States should have completed the battle in Afghanistan before proceeding to Iraq. Mrs. Bush admits she is not a good cook, but, unfortunately, she does not admit as a foreign policy analyst she is a better cook than diplomatic expert. Yes, hubby got rid of Saddam, but in the process he created al-Qaeda of Mesopotamia and encouraged thousands of young Muslims all over the world to fight America.

One can only wonder where Laura Bush was when her husband joined in the Republican vicious smear of a man who lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam as unpatriotic. Of course, hubby was far from the fighting area and Mrs. Bush never mentioned the media being unfair when George smeared John Kerry who risked his life in the jungles of Vietnam.
We respect Mrs. Bush’s efforts to assist the women of Afghanistan, but due to her husband’s blunders these women now face hate, violence and an end to their freedom. I wonder if the women of Afghanistan think George Bush is being treated in an “unfair” manner?

President Bush Stands For Peace And Opposes War!

President George Bush made clear to Russia that he opposes use of armed force to settle disputes between nations. He informed the Russian government aid would be sent to Georgia and it would be delivered by American troops who would be flying into Georgia. Secretary of State Rice bluntly told the Russians: “This is not 1968 an the invasion of Czechoslovakia where Russia can threaten a neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it. Things have changed.” The European Union was prepared to dispatch soldiers as part of a peacekeeping group that would assist in maintaining the cease fire agreement that President Sarkozy hammered out between Georgia and Russia.

Under terms of the cease fire, both sides would withdraw to their bases and allow humanitarian aid. It is still unclear about the presence of Russian “peacekeeping troops” in the breakaway provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

The presence of George Bush as an opponent of the use of force to resolve problems is among the most laughable aspects of the current crisis. Actually, Russia acted in the same manner as did President Bush in 2003 when he ignored UN attempts to verify if WMD actually existed in Iraq. One can only wonder if the American president looks in the mirror of South Ossetia and sees his own reflection.

Turkey A Secular State Warns Constitutional Court

The ruling Justice and Development Party of Turkey breathed a sigh of relief after its nation’s Constitutional Court decided not to close down the AKP on grounds it has been fostering creation of a Muslim oriented government which threatens the rights of those who believe in secular values. The Constitutional Court warned that the AKP had become a gathering ground of those who wish to impose Sharia law which would violate the traditions of the Turkish nation. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan pledged to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and to be cognizant of his party’s need to ensure those who believe in secular values would have their rights protected. “The AKP, which has never been a focal point of anti-secular activities, will continue to defend the basic principles of the Republic.”

Erdogan and other AKP leaders promised to reach out to secular leaders in an attempt to ensure their views are respected an work to avoid having the nation become split on religious grounds. Erdogan is expected to establish a constitutional reconciliation commission to reach consensus and guarantee the secular values of Turkey continue.

The Constitutional Court of Turkey is to be commended for not closing down a major party and by urging the AKP to be more mindful of the rights of those who support secularism. There is hope Turkey will address human rights issues in preparation for submitting its request to enter the European Union.

Bush Blunders Create New World Problem

President Bush pushed through his ill-advised idea to construct anti-missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic which supposedly would protect Europe against unnamed enemies. Russia offered to cooperate in the dispute and even invited construction of the anti-missile bases on their own territory, but Bush, with his usual aggressive mentality insisted the bases would be built. A Moscow newspaper now reports the possibility of Russian nuclear armed bombers being stationed in Cuba. Once again, Bush has created a problem where none existed. Instead of WMD, he now fantasizes that somehow Iran or North Korea will be sending missiles in the direction of Europe. Fidel Castro, neither confirming nor denying the proposed bomber stationing, praised his brother Raul, for maintaining a “dignified silence” about the matter. The Cuban leader made clear his nation did not have to offer explanations to the United States about anything.

How did the world get into this new mess? Why did European nations allow themselves to get talked into building missile defenses on the border of Russia which were bound to arouse the ire of that nation? We live in Bushmania, a world in which George Bush sees enemies where none exist and then proceeds to create turmoil.

Russia Warns Baltics Over US Missiles!

One of the outstanding characteristics of the Bush administration is its ability to create problems for no other reason than because the president wanted to create them. Last week, the Pentagon suggested if current talks break down with Poland for the establishment of missile bases in that nation, they might be placed in Lithuania. These comments have aroused the fury of the Russian government which regards the presence of US missiles on its boundary as a deliberate provocation. the Russian Duma issues a statement warning Lithuania allowing missiles in its nation”will lead to a change of the Russian Federation’s approach to military security in the Baltics which is currently based on the principles of minimal sufficient military presence.”

There is absolutely no rationale for placing missiles on the border of Russia other than to deliberately provoke its government. The Bush argument they are necessary against a possible Iranian missile attack is ridiculous. Why would Iran fire missiles at Europe and, if that is an issue, why doesn’t Europe handle the situation?

George Bush continues blundering his way across the world creating problems and difficulties the next president will inherit and have to handle.

“So Many Mothers In Somalia….”

This is the story of Asha Mohamed, who fled Somalia due to the fighting between Ethiopian troops and Somalian rebels.

“We used to live in Karaan. It was safer than most places in Mogadishu, but las month there was fighting (in Mogadishu). As usual I went to the market where I sold vegetables. We could hear the shelling at the market but we thought it was too far. Later in the day one of m y neighbors came running to tell me that our home had been hit and that my husband and two children were dead… The house was totally destroyed and my neighbors had to collect some of my children’s limbs so we could bury them…After the burial I decided to leave wth what was left of my family… I decided to seek refuge in Kenya. The journey was long… There were so many roadblocks manned by the militias and every time they stopped us they took money…. I am now alone with five children in a strange town…There are so many mothers in Somalia who are doing the same thing.”

This is just the story of a woman and her family living in Somalia, a land forgotten by the world powers who allow their fears to get in the way of considering the needs of the oppressed peoples of the world.

Gordon Brown Implores-George Bush Threatens Iran

In the waning days of his presidency, George Bush is not just content with having created chaos and confusion in the Middle East by his blunder in Iraq, but apparently would like to leave a new legacy of disaster in Iran. The European Union offered a new package of economic incentives and cooperation with Iran’s peaceful development of nuclear power, but President Bush, as usual must present the tough cowboy approach of a man from Texas. He thanked Gordon Brown’s leadership which has resulted in an EU announcement of freezing overseas assets of Iran’s main bank if there is failure to respond to peaceful overtures of cooperation. But, Bush had to add that while diplomatic negotiations are “my first choice, The Iranians must understand that all options are on the table, however.” This is a clear threat of military operations against Iran.

The European Union proposal is still being examined by Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament who promised to “carefully study the package” and Bush has to intrude with threats which are bound to make Iranians hold back to show the world they are not frightened. George Bush simply does not understand there are times when silence is more powerful than words of war.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was firm with Iran and promised to do all in his power to cooperate but also warned that refusing to make changes would result in further EU sanctions. President Bush apparently has never considered that an incoming president in January of next year should possess the flexibility to engage in diplomatic negotiations with Iran without to deal with the aftermath of an American military strike on that nation.

Somalia-Lost In Discussions Of Bush Mistakes

Over the past few months as the primary debates focused on Bush economic policies in America or his failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, slight mention has been made of the tragedy he created in Somalia. President Bush encouraged, and supported with US air and naval resources, an invasion of Islamic Somalia by Christian Ethiopian forces. The result has been an ongoing civil war, and the death of thousands as well as displacement of hundreds of thousands of Somalis. The past week, government Somali forces in conjunction with their Ethiopian allies, searched the capital’s main market. Within moments, Islamic rebels began firing and the ensuing shooting and bombing 12 civilians were dead and over 40 sent to the hospital. No figures are available as to whether any of those firing weapons actually were killed or wounded.

Pascal Hundt, head of the International Red Cross delegation in Somalia says “wqe are witnessing the worse tragedy of the past decade in Somalia. People are completely exhausted from the nonstop struggle to survive.” Many Somalis are urging withdrawal of Ethiopian forces from their nation as a first step in trying to restore some sense of order in the nation.