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Fake “Invasion” Of Georgia

People in Georgia are furious over a newscast which announced Russian troops had launched an invasion of their nation. According to the TV station, Russian tanks were headed for the capital city of Tbilisi and President Saakashvili was dead. Although no one died, hospitals reported many emergency calls including a few who had heart attacks. President Saakashvili, who apparently never died was supportive of the broadcast and will now charge the program was simply another variation of attacks on him by opposition members. Georgia’s opposition parties claim Saakashvili uses state television in order to discredit those who oppose him.

I really don’t know why Georgians are upset. They should come to America where the president didn’t create a phony story which avoided killing anyone. The Bush claim that Saddam Hussein had WMD aimed at America resulted in the death of over 4,000 Americans. People in Georgia got off easy!

Georgia Began War In South Ossetia Says EU Report

Last year the right wing media and the Bush administration insisted that Russia was responsible for initiating the war against Georgia during the dispute over South Ossetia.
A European Union task force investigated the war and has concluded that Russia was responsible for a long period of provocations, but it was Georgia which took initial actions to begin the war. The report stated bluntly, “operations started with a massive Georgian military attack” and there was no evidence to suggest Russian forces began the war.

However, the report makes clear “much of the Russian military action went far beyond the reasonable limits of defense” and the vicious response to the Georgian attack was out of all proportion to what had happened.

It is ironic but the report about Russia-Georgia is remarkably similar to reports concerning events in Gaza. For some reason, anti-Israel critics who seek a boycott of that nation are remarkably silent on the issue of boycotting Russia for doing what they claim Israel did.

Take Thee To The Woods, Villain!

A small group of homeless sex offenders have been directed by a probation officer to establish a camp in a densely wooded area behind a suburban Atlanta office park. The nine sex offenders live in tents surrounding a makeshift fire pit in the trees behind a towering “no trespassing” sign. The men have repeatedly encountered complaints from neighbors whenever they attempt to get a place to live. William Hawkins, who was cited for violating the law which requires sex offenders to register as one in Georgia, said the experience was like being on “Survivor.”

Ahmed Holt, manager of the state’s sex offender administration calls the camp a “last resort” for homeless offenders who can’t find a place to get a room. Homeless shelters are not an option because they usually contain children.

Sorry, this is not a responsible way to handle a complex issue. Certainly, a building could be identified for those who are unable to find any place to live. Living in the park is hardly the best way to handle sex offenders.

We Got Georgia On Our Mind

The fall out from last year’s conflict between Georgia and Russia has yet to completely come to a conclusion in which all agree on what happened. Georgia’s Reintegration Ministry issued a report which casts the entire blame on Russia for starting the war and that Georgia’s response to “Russian aggression” was “proportionate, necessary and wholly justified.” However, Georgia opposition Conservative Party says it was not Russia, but the Georgia government which provoked the war.

As we recall, the Georgia army headed for South Ossetia where it was met by Russian troops who had entered the area in response to the Georgia attack. Of course, we could be wrong, the Georgia government could be right, the Georgia Conservative party could be right, the Russian government could be right, the South Ossetians could be right, and, of course, George Bush could have been right in claiming Georgia was attacked. Frankly, if the question is whether or not George Bush of Vladimir Putin was right, we would go with a third party. Unfortunately, in this confused mess there is no objective third party.

I guess we should simply leave the entire mess to the objective reporting of Fox News.

Russia Got Georgia On Its Mind

Vice President Joe Biden is in Georgia to renew ties with that nation even as Russia and Prime Minister Mikhail Saakashvilli were once again in a contest of words. The Russian government has made clear it will not tolerate other nations rebuilding the military forces of Georgia and is prepared to take “concrete steps” to prevent that from occurring. The Russian foreign ministry warned it would “sever military cooperation with any nation” that furnishes military assistance to Georgia. Biden told cheering crowds that “we, the United States, sand by you on your journey to a secure, free, democratic and once again united Georgia.” Although, the Obama administration has emphasized it will not sell out allies, there is always reality and the need to work with Russia on broader issues related to peace.

Barack Obama claims Russian President Medvedev has promised to withdraw his troops in Georgia to pre-conflict areas. The issue of the origin of the Georgia-Russian conflict are still unclear and there is some evidence Georgia initiated the conflict. Prudence suggests offering words, but not guns to the government of Saakashvilli.

What’s Going On In Georgia?

President Mikhail Saakashvili, the poster boy for George Bush as what constitutes an effective leader in Asia, is claiming there was an attempted coup to overthrow his government by members of the Georgia military. A tank battalion supposedly rebelled and the president rushed to talk with its members, arrested the commander of the group, and announced another attempt to overthrow the man who believes in democracy has been thwarted. Naturally, Saakashvili accused the Russian government of conspiring to cause the rebellion– a “rebellion of a battalion” which ordinarily is not sufficient to overthrow a government.

Some opposition leaders wonder if there ever was an attempt to overthrow the government or whether this was simply a few disgruntled soldiers who were expressing their frustrations.

Georgians Protest Against Their President

President Saakashvili of Georgia was an admirer of George Bush and attempted to draw upon this friendship to invade South Ossetia last year assuming the United States would support his efforts, particularly if Russia intervened. The result was a complete fiasco and Georgian troops were readily defeated. During the past week, thousands of Georgians have been protesting against the authoritarian rule of Saakashvili and demanding his resignation. But, to the president if anyone opposes his authoritarian rule, they must be in the employ of foreign agents sent from Russia. He made clear, “no matter ow mush is spent and what they might do, Georgia is a stable country.”

The people of Georgia want their president to be held accountable for his failed policies and Russia is not behind the unrest, just thousands of restless Georgians who want a truly democratic society.

Georgia Protests Grow Against Saakashvili

Last year President George Bush blasted Russia for provoking a war against Georgia and hailed President Saakashvilli as an outstanding leader and defender of freedom. The prevailing mood in the American Congress was that Georgia was the victim and Russia the aggressor. However, the people of Georgia have a different perspective than what is found in the United States. An expected 150,000 will be protesting over the coming days demanding the resignation of their president. They believe he was responsible for the war which has caused their nation to lose land. Zaza Gachechiladze, editor of the newspaper, Messenger, notes that Saakashvilli “doesn’t recognize last year’s war as a defeat. He keeps stubbornly saying he is going to stay… He now has very little support in the country.”

Bush, as always, rushed for judgment on the basis of limited evidence and never conducted a serious investigation as to the origin of the war in Georgia. Fortunately, the people of Georgia know what the war was about and how their president blundered.

US General Blames Russia For Aggression

American General John Craddock blamed Russia for engaging in aggressive actions which have resulted in creating tensions in the world. He noted the world had been moving toward a position that no nation in Europe should engage in aggressive actions in order to achieve its foreign policy goals but Russia by invading Georgia in August, 2008 had violated this basic premise. “Russia seems determined (to) use Euro-Atlantic security institutions weakened and has shown a readiness to use economic leverage and military force to achieve its aims.” Of course, this is a typical George Bush interpretation of what has been going on. However, the evidence is now overwhelming that Georgia initiated the invasion, not Russia, but no mention is made of this event.

America all too often sees the world through its own lens. Was it an aggressive action to inform Russia that missile bases were being built on its border? Was it an aggressive action to incite Georgia to initiate an invasion of South Ossetia? The United States constantly uses economic sanctions against nations like Cuba or Iran, but according to General Craddock that is not an example of aggressive action. When will Americans begin to see the world through the perspective of other nations?

Did Georgia Plan To Invade South Ossetia?

The German newspaper, Der Spiegel, has come into possession of information which indicates the Georgian government lied about its reasons for invading South Ossetia. Instead of responding to a Russian attack, evidence suggests that Georgia leader Mikhail Saakashvili, planned an invasion even before there was any indication that Russia would intervene. On August 7, 2008, Mamuka Kurashvili, commander of the Georgian peacekeeping force that had been stationed in South Ossetia, told the press in what appeared to be a carefully staged and prepared talk, that his forces had to intervene in order to “reestablish constitutional order in the entire region.” Der Spiegel sources believe the general was quoting directly from Order, No. 2, August 7.

The government of Georgia still refuses to release the controversial Order No. 2. After Russian troops entered the fight, President Saakashvili, argued that he learned at 10:00 p.m. that Russian tanks had entered, but on the morning of August 7, Georgian forces of 12,000 troops and 75 tanks already had entered South Ossetia.

President Bush and most members of Congress immediately sided with Georgia and condemned Russia for initiating the conflict. Will the American government now acknowledge the events do not reveal it was a Russian initiated war?