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Nazi Issues Still Alive In Sweden

A half century ago Adolf Hitler died in the rubble that was Berlin, but his spirit still lives on in rather quirky ways in nations such as Sweden. About seventeen new groups have been formed in Sweden over the past two years which apparently think Adolf Hitler has something to offer young people in the 21st century. There now are about 30 such neo-Nazi groups who, for the most part, are local in nature and conduct their violence against people within their own communities. Nazi groups tend to focus their recruiting efforts on high school students and get them into organizations where one can wear a uniform, salute, do some marching, and beat up immigrants of gays and lesbians, all in the name of the dead Hitler.

Ironically, the craze to get involved with Hitler has extended to left wing groups where one recently offered a $90 reward to anyone who could beat up one of these young Neo-Nazi teenagers. During the recent Olympics, sports commentator Rickard Olsson, ripped into Germany’s female soccer team with the remark: “There is something about Hitler that somehow makes it difficult to feel sorry for them when they get slaughtered at football. You just think, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler…”

The German people have confronted evils in their past and made genuine efforts to make all children in their nation aware of Hitler’s evil. Perhaps, Swedish schools might learn some lessons in anti-Nazism from Germany. As for German female soccer players, they were all born decades after Hitler’s death and should be respected as women, as Germans, and as athletes.