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No Non-Christians May Apply

One of the most under-reported aspects of the Bush invasion of Iraq has been the devastating impact of the war on the lives of Iraqi Christians. The Christian presence in Iraq goes back over a thousand years, but due to changes brought about by the American-led invasion, at least half of the 800,000 Christians who were in Iraq in 2003 have fled for their safety. They are threatened by fanatic Muslim fundamentalists who do not wish non-believers in their midst. Sweden is among the few nations which have responded to the Iraq refugee problem which includes at least two million now trapped in Syria and Jordan and fearing to return.

The German Christian Democratic Union is pushing for a new plan which would allow 10,000 Iraqis to come to Germany as permanent residents. The catch is the offer would only be applicable for Christians. The proposal calls for allowing 10,000 people suffering religious persecution to enter Germany which, in effect, means they would be Christians.

It is an interesting proposal although a bit tainted by only allowing Christians to enter, but, in these days, half a loaf is better than none. Perhaps, Germany could learn from the example of Sweden which has opened its doors to thousands of Iraqis, Christian or Muslim or non-believer.

Turkish Deputies Challenge German Immigration Minister

Germany’s Minister on Immigration, Maria Bohmer, confronted an angry group of members of the Turkish Parliament who were upset at a June, 2007 law in Germany which places restrictions on immigration by people from Turkey. Ostensibly, the law pertains to any non-European Union national seeking to immigrate into Germany, but everyone knows it is directed at people from Turkey. The law requires spouses of German nationals who come from non-EU nations to be conversant in the German language before being able to join their spouse. Halide Incekara, a member of the Justice and Development Party, told the German Minister, “You tried to tear down the Berlin Wall with sledgehammers. Now, you are trying to rebuild it with laws. Let’s say I fall in love with Hand and I want to get married. Will you show me an A-1 form and tell me I can only marry him if I learn German” Can this be?” Bohmer replied if this happened the Turkish female deputy should see her.

The German law is pure bigotry. In the history of American immigration it was common for a male to go ahead and set up a base in the new land, and then send for his wife and children. Of course, the wife did not learn English until she arrived in America. This system proved very successful and there is no reason for the German law except the blunt truth it is an attempt to keep out Turks.