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European Duo Says No To Turkey!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made clear that she does not envision a full membership in the European Union for Turkey. Speaking before a group of fellow Christian Democrats, the German leader said “we cannot take in everyone in Europe as a full members.” She expressed concerns about the border of the European Union and worried that too many members would make decision making difficult. “It makes no sense if there are ever more members, and we can’t decide anything anymore.” However, Merkel expressed her support for some form of EU membership for Turkey that was short of full membership.

Mekel received support from French President Nicolas Sarkozy who exclaimed that “when Angela Merkel says Europe must have borders, she is right– because Europe without borders would be a Europe without a will, without identity, without values.”

There are two issues at play in these comments. One, how does an ever expanding Europe reach agreement on anything given current difficulties in having all nations agree to change? Secondly, is a different issue of do European Christians want a large Muslim nation in the European Union. They are separate issues.