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Germany Struggles With Defining Meaning Of Itself

Throughout its history, Germany has struggled with issues dealing with immigration. Roland Koch, who has been dencouncing Muslim immigrants, claims “Germany is not a country of immigration” and has attacked “criminal young foreigners” as the source of crime and violence in his nation. Actually, about 15 million people or just under a fifth of the German population has an immigrant background. In 1945, the German Jewish population had virtually disappeared but today Germany is home to among the largest Jewish populations in the world. A “foreigner” essentially is anyone not of German heritage even though the person was born and raised in Germany.

Germany lags far behind Britain or France of the United States in the number of immigrants who hold police or civil service positions. “Multikulti” has become a dirty word which is used to describe “the other,” the person who does not trace his or her origin hundreds of years back in German history. Germany has done a magnificent job of confronting the horror of the Holocaust, now it is time to confront the intolerance toward Muslims and to those who are of foreign background.