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German Police Raid Suspected Islamic Terrorist Homes

German police conducted widespread raids across the county aimed at smashing a suspect Islamic terrorist operation to wage jihad both in Germany and elsewhere in the world. The raids were designed to disrupt a network that was attempting to radicalize Muslim Germans and get them involved in terrorist activities. Nine men were seized who were supsected of “forming a criminal network” of terrorism. The center of their activities was a former community center called the Multicultural House in Neu-Ulm. The men focused on converting Germans to the Muslim religion and inciting racial hatred via means of literature and audio and video reccordings.

Outwardly, the Geman police smashed a “terrorist” operation, but, so far, the nine men did not implement any plan of action even though they may well have been planning action. One is back to the proverbial issue of yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. Is the act of spreading “hate” a crime? Are there certain forms of “hate” which are more prone to result in violence than others?