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Muslim beauty Queen Knows German Racism

Asli Bayram’s parents migrated from Turkey to Germany in hope of finding a better life. She was born and raised in Germany, but although being a very attractive woman, she is very aware how racism feelings against those of Turkish backgrounds are still common in her adopted land. She became the first Muslim to be selected as Miss Germany, but during her life, she has always found fascination in the story of Anne Frank, another girl who was persecuted by Germans. Ms. Bayram also was confronted at age 12 by terrorism when a drunken neo-Nazi came to their door and fired his gun resulting in the death of her father and the wounding of Asli. The killer got a six year sentence but received time off and was free after only serving three years.

Her mother insisted that Asli and her three sisters received and education which resulted in all four graduating from law school. However, throughout her school career the girls felt isolated in school and had to maintain their dignity by hard work. Asli entered the Miss Germany contest because it angered her that only blond haired girls won, but somehow she emerged as the victor.

Ms. Bayram often gives readings from the Diary of Anne Frank in order to demonstrate her concern for social justice and to fight against racism in Germany.