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Turkish Journalist Analyzes German Situation

In an interview with the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, Kerem Caliskan reviewed the situation of Turkish people in Germany. The recent fires in Ludwigshaven in which several Turkish people were killed or hurt has aroused feelings among many people in Turkey that neo-Nazi right wingers were behind the episode. Caliskan interviewed two girls who claim to have seen a man lighting a fire, but, as of yet, the police do not have any hard evidence of arson. However, there is no question the ground floor of the building set afire was once a neo-Nazi club and is now home to a Turkish club. Caliskan believes there are underlying feelings which lead Turkish people in Germany to conclude the fires stem from plotting by the extreme right wing. He believes both President Sarkozy of France and Chancellor Merkel are “trying to keep Turkey out of Europe.” Caliskan thinks Merket is playing an anti-immigrant approach in order to win votes.

The Turkish journalist believes with all the talk about difficulties in having Turkish immigrants fit into German society, reality is they have. “Their adventure in adjusting to Europe is one of the biggest integration adventures of the 20th century.” The grandchildren of immigrants now work in virtually every occupation and have become successful German citizens. Unfortunately, political use of anti-immigrant hysteria is leading many German Turks to feel abandoned.

Perhaps, the entry of Turkey into the European Union would provide a surge of hope for those of German Turkish background who feel a lack of support in their efforts to become integrated citizens of Europe.