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Teenage German Killer Murders Students And Teachers

A teenager dressed in black fatigues entered Albertville high school in Winnenden where he soon proceeded to fire at students and teachers in an outburst of violence which resulted in the death of 11 students and three teachers. The boy identified only as Tim K, then left the building, halted a car and drove to the town of Wendlingen where he became engaged in a shoot out with police that eventually led to his death. Police stormed the home of the boy where they discovered at least 18 guns that belonged to his father. His mother was taken into custody which most probably will be done to the father. There is great concern that weapons may have been lying around and were not locked up.

The story invariably follows the same script in these school shootings. A teacher described Tim K. as “inconspicuous” which most probably means teachers were not involved in his life. A friend described Tim K. as “disturbed” and the type of boy who is viewed as a loner y others. These shootings almost always occur in suburban or rural schools rather than urban area high schools. The boys dress in black or in fatigues as though trying to present the appearance of being part of the military. They usually fire at random and kill without any sense of signaling out those to be murdered.

Schools spend large amounts of money on “security” without ever realizing the best security in having caring teachers and having the faculty be aware of those who are loners and being outcast from their peers.

German Students Becoming Conservative

At a time of economic disaster one would expect rising anger among European students, but recent surveys reveal that German university students are becoming more politically apathetic and conservative. Unlike their parents of the sixties, they are less involved in politics and more concerned about personal issues. A recent survey of 8,000 students in 25 colleges reveals that just 37% describe themselves as interested in politics compared to the 1983 figure of 54%. Fewer described themselves as left or right wing and tended to cluster in the middle as though the very idea of extremism had no place in their lives. Tino Bargel, who ran the study told Focus magazine, “students have the impression that they cannot influence their professional career nor political decisions.”

German students appear to be overwhelmed by the current economic and political situation and have retreated into themselves or now show signs of seeking to blame others for their problems. About 25% of those surveyed supported the “limitation of immigration” and 17% expressed concern about “excessive foreign influences” in their nation.

Perhaps, one problem is the lack of a charismatic figure who enables youth to identify with something greater than the self. Of course, the last time such a person appeared in Germany his name was Adolf Hitler.

To Siberia With Love– And Some Violence!

German authorities n the state of Hesse became so exasperated with the anti-social behavior of a 16 year-old boy they sent him to a remote Siberian village for an “intensive educational experience.” The boy was sent eastward after attacking his mother and being violent in school and among other children. Now, in Siberia, he must fend for himself in a boot camp-style environment in the village of Sedlnikovo. He has to collect and chop wood in order to heat himself with a fire, dig his own hole for toilet needs, and pump water from a well. He is to remain in Sibera for three monhs and is under the supervision of a German who speaks Russian. The assistant provides schooling for the boy. If the youngster doesn’t chop firewood, he is cold. It appears hundreds of other youths have been sent to similar isolated places ranging from greece to Kyrgyzstan. The cost if $240 a day.

This is certainly a novel experiment in dealing with violence in humans. I wonder if any government has considered using this approach in dealing with adult violent behavior. For example, why not send George Bush to a mountain boot camp in Afghanistan where he can experience what it is like to be fighting in such locales? Or, how about Dick Cheney in the forests of Africa where he can fend for himself hunting game in order to eat? The possibilities for ending violence in the world are infinite if we try this approach. Now, as for Rudy Giuliani, he needs a mountain top in India where he spends all day giving his speech about how he saved America on 9/11.

School Shootings Averted In Germany And Norway

Two weeks after a Finnish student went on a rampage that left several classmates dead, a potential school massacre was avoided in Germany due to alert students. The students alerted school authorities that a fellow student had posted photos of the 1999 Columbine shooting in an Internet chat room. The planned event was to be the work of two students. Last Friday, school authorities questioned one of the shooters, a boy identified as Rolf B. about the Columbine photos and he claimed he was trying to avoid a repeat of Columbine and agreed to remove the photos. He then committed suicide on his way home by throwing himself under a tram. Police searched the flat of his fellow conspirator, Robin G and discovered two crossbows, a number of air guns, and instructions for making petrol bombs. Robin G. told police: “We wanted to cause injuries and kill people and then we wanted to kill ourselves.” A fellow student recalled being asked by Robin G., who was described as a loner, to get him a gun. In the meantime, a Norwegian school on the island of Askoy was placed under alert after a YouTube video was discovered about a planned attack on a school on the island.

These stories illustrate the power of instantaneous communication which allows young people around the world to share feelings and emotions. Most probably, the number of young people prepared to kill others or themselves has not changed over time so much as their ability to share ideas and experiences with fellow disaffected youth. The good news is having so many students begin to share with authorities what is happening on places like YouTube of MySpace.