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German Chancellor Merkel Will Boycott Olympic Events

German Chancelor Angela Merkel became the first prominent world leader who has decided to boycott opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games to protest China’s brutal suppression of Tibetan protestors. She joins Poland’s prime Minister Donald Trusk and President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic who earlier announced their decisions to avoid being at the opening events of the Olympics in Beijing. “The presence of politicians at the inaugaration of the Olympics seems inappropriate,” said Trusk. Merkel outraged Chinese officials a few months ago by receiving the Dalai Lama and having discussions with the Tibetan leader.

China is too powerful a nation to snub indefinitely. The world may express sorrow at what has transpired in Tibet, but the reality is little can be done to aid the oppressed people of Tibet. Heck, we Americans have been lied to and oppressed by the Bush administration and everyone seems perfectly content to meet with him. No one appears to worry about the Americans who have been brutalized by five years of a war based on lies.