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Israel Wants Negotiations On Its Terms

The impasse on negotiations between Israel and Palestinians continues and attempts by the Egyptian government to jump start talks has failed. The bottom line is the Israel government wants to continue expanding settlements on the West Bank even as it accepts a “moratorium” on future settlements. Of course, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not put it so bluntly since he believes there IS a moratorium on housing, but it does not include Jerusalem because in his view the eastern section of the city now belongs to Israel so how could one prevent citizens from building houses.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abdul Gheit has been trying to get both parties to the table of discussion but he has run into the stumbling block of building and building. According to Gheit, his nation wants to move ahead on negotiations, but “we will not negotiate while settlements continue.”

Perhaps, the madness in the Israel approach is a cynicism of seeking to hold out and hold out until the opposition grows weary of trying to get talks going.

What Is Israel Thinking In Selecting Lieberman As FM?

Nations have the right to select whomever they desire for positions in government, but when a nation chooses an outspoken bigot who has insulted neighboring countries as its foreign minister, the question must be asked –“what was Israel thinking in placing Avigdor Lieberman as their Foreign Minister?” Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit told the Israel government in blunt language that until the attitude of Lieberman changes, he will not be welcome in his country nor will Egyptian leaders work with him. “I can’t imagine that his feet will step on Egyptian soil as long as his positions remain as they are.” Loud mouth Lieberman once threatened to bomb the Aswan Dam in Egypt.

Lieberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still have not figured out reality– the American government wants a Palestinian state and will not tolerate aggressive ignorant men like Lieberman in the position of foreign minister unless he makes dramatic changes in his attitude and language. A first step is to apologize to Egypt and then come out in support of a Palestinian state.

Israel Foreign Minister Unaware Silence Is Golden!

The conduct of foreign policy is best achieved by quiet diplomacy and avoidance of making public comments concerning those with whom one must negotiate. Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni will be meeting with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abdul Ghit this week to patch up their relationship which has been impacted by comments that were best never spoken. In Decmember, 2007, Livni refused to show the US Congress videofootage of Egyptian soldiers assisting Hamas smugglers bring weapons into Gaza. In response to the criticism, she said: “Some things are done on stage, some are done in Congress and some other things are done behind the scenes. every move needs to be calculated. To take an extreme scenario would you sever relations with Egypt over weapons?”

Up to this point her comments were those of a cool headed foreign policy leader, but, she went on in public, “Egypt played a positive role in Annapolis. But this does not negate the fact that their performance on the Gaza border is awful and problematic.”

Her comments infuriated Gheit: “It would be better if the Israeli minister did not run on about matters that she does not know enough about.” It would help of Livni followed her own advice and spoke with Egyptian officials in private about matters dealing with weapons in Gaza.