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A US Soldier On Ann Coulter

We print a letter from a soldier stationed in Iraq. As usual, we will not comment on views stated by members of the military.

One Party System Wouldn’t Do

“I’ve gotten rather sick and burned out from hearing the rants of the political pundits. Now I just want to say. Enough.

Who does Ann Coulter think she is? Is she a jurist… a general… a bonna fide expert on foreign affairs” where does she have the argument that she is right and Justice Kennedy is wrong(Justice Kennedy gave our enemies new life, column, June 23)

For whatever faults Anthony Kennedy or the other eight jurists that sit on that hallowed court have, they also have the great burden of ensuring that abuses either don’t happen or are cubed to the minimize the damage. And as to the Democratic Party being the one for traitors, I couldn’t disagree more. although I may not always see eye to eye with all their ideals, they are vital to the survival to the function of democracy. One only needs to look at the Soviet Union to see the results of the one-party system, not to mention when civil liberties are stripped away for the ‘common good.’

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that torture is legal. And, nowhere in that document does it say we have to take what these wannabe kingmakers say as gospel.”

Spc. William M. Saunders
Camp Bucca, Iraq