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Hamas Claim Israel Rejects Cease Fire

A senior member of Hamas insists his group has offered a cease fire agreement but it is being rejected by Israel. Moussa Abu Marzouk said his organization had made such offers through an Egyptian mediation group but had not received a response from the Israel government. Abu Marzuk made clear Hamas would not release the captured Israel soldiers, Gilad Shalit until Israel is willing to release Palestinian prisoners in their hands. Last wek, Hamas plitical leader Khaled Mehsai insisted: “Gilad is still alive nd we treat him in a good way while the Israelis treat ur prisoners badly and everyone knows that.”

There is always a bottom line reality factor in any standoff between opposing forces. At some point, both sides have to be willing to compromise. Israel does not wish to negotiate with Hamas and it does not wish to surrender some Palestinian prisoners. They may well take the high moral ground but it will not lead to peace or the release of Mr. Shalit.