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Teddy Bear Terrorist Goes Home!

The storm in a teacup episode created by the Sudan government over an issue that was much ado about nothing finally concluded with a gracious pardon by the government and releasing Ms. Gillian Gibbon from jail. The Sudanese got their “riots” from “angry mobs who felt insulted” and Ms. Gibbon was spared the six months in jail and forty lashes that could be inflicted on those who “insult the Muslim religion.” This writer believes the entire episode was fabricated by the Sudan government in order to deflect world opinion away from its horrendous policies in Darfur which are leading to the death of thousands. The entire episode was akin to a Kabuki dance in which everyone played their role, an “angry mob,” expressions of concern from noted “religious figures,” cries about insulting the Prophet Muhammad, and then serenity when Ms. Gibbon was released with a pardon.

The most interesting facet of this case was the complete absence of anger from any Muslim group other than the 600 member mob of “protestors” who suddenly appeared on the streets of Khartoum. The world’s Muslims stood by in bewilderment at the idiotic behavior of a government that caused the world to feel anger toward the Muslim religion. For those who respect the Muslim religion, it is the Sudan government which deserves six months in jail and forty lashes. It is expected Ms. Gibobn will be flown out of the Sudan within days.