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Sound Of Silent Outrage In Pakistan

The world has become outraged at the sight of a seventeen year old girl in Pakistan being flogged by three brutish Taliban thugs who believe they act in the name of God by inflicting punishment on a girl who committed the terrible crime of leaving a house in the company of a man who was not from her family. President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan is outraged and ordered the arrest of the perpetrators. There is as much likelihood of that happening as if an American judge ordered the arrest of Osama bin Laden. Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani called for an inquiry, but his government two months ago turned authority over the Swat Valley to the Taliban. His government no longer has any authority in the valley and, unless, he is willing to send in the army nothing will change.

Muslim Khan, a Taliban spokesperson, defended the punishment but said the whipping should have been carried out by a young boy and it should have been in private. Well, that clears everything up and makes it understandable why a girl is beaten by thugs.