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Civil wars have wracked the people of Liberia for decades so it was no surprising that hundreds fled chaos for what they viewed as peace and security in the United States. A Liberian family settled in Phoenix, Arizona and hoped the past would remain in the past. However, one day, their eight year old girl was lured into a shed by four boys, the youngest being nine, and the group proceeded to rape the little girl. Her mother was furious, as much toward her daughter for bringing shame to the family as to the boys. When police arrived, she asked them to take her daughter with them even while shouting, “nothing has happened to my daughter. Nobody touched my daughter.”

An older sister blamed the little girl for following after boys and now the girl is in limbo. The incident is really an aftermath of what happened in the civil wars. During the wars, women and young girls were raped, but communities were more prone to blame the girls for being violated as though they had the means to avoid such treatment. Liberian refugees may currently be in Arizona, but their minds have never let go of the horrors they endured.