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Do You Want This Man As Your President?

Following are two quotes from Rudy Giuliani during a debate in which he supported waterboarding and other forms of torturing prisoners:
“They talk about sleep deprivation. I mean, on that theory, I’m getting tortured running for president of the United States. That’s just plain silly.”
“If I didn’t use intensive questioning, there would be a lot of Mafia guys running around New York right now.”

Mr. Giuliani often believes talking tough is equivalent to being tough. He will say anything in order to get a vote and his failure to demonstrate the slightest aspect of self reflection is a fundamental flaw in his character. Sleep deprivation is a method used in totalitarian nations to break the will of opponents. To even suggest lack of sleep during a campaign is equivalent to what prisoners endure day after day indicates the speaker lacks any grasp of what it means to be an American who supports constitutional rights for all– even opponents. Rudy Giuliani is flippant, cute, arrogant, and demeaning of others in his quest for power. He never listened to a word from Senator John McCain, who endured years of torture, about what torture does both to one’s soul and to the soul of the torturer. A society which would elect this creature as its president is a society which has lost faith in the values of living in a democratic humane world. Orson Swindle, who was tortured in Vietnam, described how he once was deprived of sleep for twenty days and finally broke and wrote a lying letter to escape further torture. Mr. Giuliani differs from Mr. Swindle in that he lies without being tortured, and his lies and deceit and lack of human compassion go on endlessly. Do you want this man as your president? Do you want a man with such insensitivity to uphold as a model for children?

P.S. This man who boasts of being brave somehow found a way to get draft deferments that allowed him to escape fighting in Vietnam. Perhaps, if he had endured one-tenth the pain that McCain experienced, it might have led to a human able to grasp with complex issues through the lens of religion and morality. Mr. Giuliani, you are no John McCain!

McCain Blasts Republican Rivals As Draft Dodgers

Senator John McCain, who served in the military during the Vietnam War, criticized his Republican opponents for their failure to serve in the military. In discussion of issues such as torture, he said, “There’s a clear division between those who have a military background and experience in these issues and people like Giuliani, Romney and Thompson who didn’t–who chose to do other things when this nation was fighting its wars,” Mitt Romney responded that while he never served, he did service in private, public and nonprofit sectors which was “highly relevant to lead the nation at a time when we face such extraordinary challenges.” Rudy Giuliani continued praising himself for knowing more about fighting terrorism than anyone else because “I’ve faced crisis more than the other ones have.” McCain was angry that Rudy G. backed use of waterboarding during interrogations. Senator McCain pointed out that anyone who has served in the military knows that torture “cannot be condoned.” He also pointed out that neither of his opponents had been criticizing the Bush failed policies in Iraq while he had constantly been urging sending more troops to do the job. None of the three joined the military during the Vietnam war and Giuliani got draft deferments to remain in college while Romney got a draft deferment so he could spread Mormonism, and Thompson was married.

I believe Senator McCain is off base on his criticism. After all, Mayor Rudy Giuliani demonstrated his bravery under fire by ordering Palestinian leader Arafat to be escorted out of a concert hall while attending a UN session. That action required as much bravery as what McCain encountered fighting against people who actually shot back at him. And, lest we not forget, the mayor walked the streets of New York during 9/11 escorted by about fifty policemen. Certainly, his heroism should be acknowledged by McCain. I guess McCain must have strong feelings about the lack of service by Cheney and his fellow coward, Bush.

Giuliani Courts Jewish American Votes

Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is attempting to woo Jewish voters by taking a strong stand on Middle East issues. He boasted at a recent meeting of Republican Jews that he had won Jewish votes in New York, a city “Abraham Lincoln didn’t carry, and intended to win Jewish votes on a national basis. Giuliani realizes Jewish American voters don’t have to be won over on social issues since they agree with him on topics such as abortion or gun control. One Giuliani supporter said the reason for his popularity among Jewish Republicans is “because of his positions on terrorism in general and Israel in particular, and his willingness to make Islamic radicalism a significant campaign issue. Most Jewish Republicans are still pro-choce, so he’s got the right social agenda and the right foreign policy agenda.” At the meeting, Giuliani repeated his heroism in removing Palestinian leader Arafat from a UN concert.

The tragedy is that so many prominent Jewish leaders are blind to the dangers posed by a Giuliani stance on Israel and Palestine. He dogmatic stance on only examining the views of Israel hardly make him an American president who can work with both sides to revolve their conflicts. He will not speak the truth that both Israel and Palestinians both have committed actions that are not consistent with their own religious and ethical views of life. He is a bully who plays to bullies in the crowd rather than demonstrating empathy and concern for all people. Giuliani would rather get a vote than do what is best for Israel and America.

Criminal Terror In Kenya As Police Go Wild

Reports from Kenya tell of a wave of killings by the police who are attempting to wipe out a criminal gang by the name of Mungiki. Scores of bodies are turning up on the outskirts of Nairobi as well as in the countryside with evidence they were executed by a single shot to the head. The Kenya police are blamed for this outburst of violence. The Mungiki gang began in the 1990s as a semi-religious sect, but apparently saw more productive outlets for their talents in the world of crime. They became major players in protection rackets and other criminal activities. It is believed politicians draw upon their talents to have those opposing them in elections taken care of in a way that would please the old Murder Incorporated gang of New York. The Kenya police have gained a reputation for brutality. Last year they demolished scores of huts in the slums around Nairobi and drove thousands of people back to the countryside. Last June during one of their slum raids, they killed 39 people. As in many developing nations, a brutal police force is a major impediment to peace and security.

After reading of the rising crime in Nairobi, this writer wonders if America might send their boastful former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, to Kenya where he can demonstrate his supposed skills in ending crime in a large city. One doubts if he would walk the streets of Nairobi challenging criminals.

Rudy Giuliani Anounces Latest Brave Stand

The world media has frequently been informed by Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York who ended crime in that city, saved American from terrorist attacks, and has never wavered in his opposition to gun control– except when speaking before the NRA –but his latest example of heroism will undoubtedly win him further acclaim among Americans. Rudy G., who is famous for his adoration of the New York Yankees and hatred of the Boston Red Sox, announced during his campaign in New Hampshire that he would root for the Boston Red Sox in the world series. He also boasted, “in Colorado the next week or two, I will have the courage to tell the people of Colorado that I’m rooting for the Red Sox in the World Series.” With heroes like this who are willing to risk everything in the fight for freedom and honesty, Americans tonight can rest in peace and security.

Rudy G. Mocks Himself As He Mocks Hillary For Socialist Ideas

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani came out verbally swinging against Hillary Clinton’s proposal to give every newborn American child a $5000 bond that could be used for education. He claimed the idea was “socialist” in nature and would cost $20 billion. He argued the cost of the plan would hurt all Americans. “And, you know who it comes out of– yours, mine, hardworking Americans, hard earned dollars. Twenty billion dollars. And we’re going to have to add to that the cost of the large bureaucracy that’s going to have to print up the bonds, right with Hillary’s picture on them.”

I’m glad Rudy G. is concerned about the American tax payer. He reiterated his support for Bush’s tax cuts which cost over $1 trillion (not twenty billion, but $1 trillion) and resulted in the average American receiving the grand total of about $300 while wealthy people received millions. Warren Buffet, a billionaire, complained that the tax cut benefited him while his secretaries got next to nothing. I’m certain Billy Gates would be more than willing to trade in $10,000 for his two children for the Bush tax cut which got him millions. It would help if Rudy G. actually read some history. “Socialism” refers to government ownership of the means of production. How can it be “socialism” to give each American child a $5000 bond which they can use in deciding their education? The more Rudy G. speaks , the more it becomes apparent this is a one note man–9/11 over and over again. By the way, Rudy G. gets at least $100,000 a speech for uttering platitudes about his heroics, if he wants to term that “hard work,” so be it. Of course, while doing this “hard work,” Rudy G. insists on traveling in a private jet, having an entire floor of a hotel for his staff and himself, and even deciding who eats at his table. Perhaps, Mr. Giuliani can tell the rest of us how to get such “hard work.” Maybe I can get one of those bureaucratic jobs printing up the bonds. Today, I received four commercial prints outs advertising products — I wonder if those corporations hire an army of bureaucrats to print them up?