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Climate Change Will Impact Arab World

A recent meeting at the Organization of Islamic Conference indicated there might be a greater impact in global warming on nations that are part of the Islamic world. Ata al-Mannan Bakheet, said the arrival of global warming would result in an increase of poverty, hunger and environmental degradation which would result in societal disorganization. Many Islamic societies such as Bangladesh hang onto survival by a thread and any change in oceans could lead to flooding that would drive millions from their homes. The reality is that most Muslims inhabit nations that are not economically advanced and do not have oil as their major resource.

One doubts if wealthy Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia would come to the assistance of their fellow Muslims.

US Military Adopts Leftist Liberal Climate Warming Idea!

If there was any doubt claims made by such brilliant scientists as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck that President Barack Obama has launched a leftist Socialist policy that seeks to destroy American values, the latest statement from the Pentagon offers proof of their charges. The Pentagon has now adopted Socialist ideas about Global Warming! US military now says, “while climate change does not cause conflict, it may act as an accelerant of instability or conflict, placing a burden on civilian institutions.” In a sharp reversal from noted scientist President George Bush, the CIA will now be keeping track and sharing with scientists around the world information obtained from satellite images of glaciers and melting ice.

Accepting ideas that there is such a thing as “global warming” is simply the first step in Socialist lover of Banks, President Obama, to brain wash our children into actually believing there is something called, “global warming.” What next for communist thinking, Barack Obama, telling them the Earth revolves around the Sun!!


The Danish government has identified a sure fire way of dealing with global warming that does not cost billions of dollars and does not interfere with the every-day life of humans– FAMILY PLANNING! According to Danish Minister of Development Cooperation, Ulia Tamaes, if women in underdeveloped nations were persuaded not to have so many children, we could take a major step in dealing with global warming. She argues poor women in poor nations are the ones who are most impacted by global warming so if we could persuade them to cease having all these children, there will be fewer people which means less use of natural resources which results in less impact on global resources.

Why not take this idea one step further? What if we ended all sexual contacts that resulted in having children? Eventually, all humans would disappear from the planet, and nature would be left to the remaining animals. At least this suggestion does not cost a single penny and it allows gas guzzlers to continue their onslaught on nature to their heart’s desire– at least until they die. No people, no global warming. At that point, those who decry the very idea of humans causing global warming will not have to worry.

No Climate Bill This Year In US Congress

I live in the United States of America, a land in which the rule of ignorance is quite common ranging from humans who believe the world is about 12,000 years old and there is no such thing as global warming. I live in the United States of America, a country in which millions of dollars are being spent each day by corporations whose primary loyalty is to the bottom line, not to the survival of this planet. The White House admitted for the first time there is scant likelihood of a global warming bill passing Congress. Carol Browner, Obama’s main energy adviser, admitted, “we’d like to be through the process (of legislation dealing with global warming) but that’s not going to happen.” There simply will be no bill sent to President Obama by December of this year.

Senator John Kerry who is fighting for a global warming bill is frustrated by the defeatist talk by Obama. He fears the president, who is besieged by the healthcare legislation, simply does not wish to risk another fight with Congress. As one who voted for Obama last fall, I often get the feeling he has the backbone of a chocolate eclair.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, The Local: “Man Thrown Off Bus In Gender Row”
It’s ladies night out bus time, so keep your penis off it.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Sydney Stifled By Culture Of Mediocrity”
Big deal. how do you think Americans handle the culture of Congressional Mediocrity?”

UK, The Independent: “Turn On Your IPod And Learn”
How about turning on your mind?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Why Would Anyone Want To Be Mayor”
Sounds like a better job than being president.

Japan, Japan Times: “Japan Unemployment Hits 5.5%”
“US Unemployment Hits 9.8%”
We elected a liberal named Barack Obama.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Corruption Baiters Baited”
Corruption is in the eye of the beholder.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Missing Boy Found At Friend”
This is what we term a non-news story akin to “Lady Helped Across Street”

UK, Guardian: “US Climate Bill Not Likely”
Unfortunately, global warming most likely.

2025–Twilight Of US Power?

No empire has existed over time and there is scant likelihood, the American version of empire will endue throughout this century. A report by the National Intelligence Council(NIC)entitled: “Global trends 2025: A World Transformed” projects a dramatic decline in the ability of the United States to exert its power unless working with other nations. The analysis foresees a fragmented world where conflict over scarce resources is on the rise and international agencies are unable to exert power. The spread of nuclear weapons is forecast as technology becomes more available to many nations. The NIC believes wealth is spreading from the west to the east along with the inability of any single nation to exert its power over other nations. The Bush dream of unilateral American action is doomed to the dustbin of history.

The NIC also provides images of potential natural disasters such as hurricanes fueled by global warming placing parts of Manhattan island under water and causing the evacuation of thousands of people. In the last NIC report made in 2004, the US under the brave leadership of presidents like George Bush ruled the world. Such are the dreams of yesterday.

End Gas Driven Cars Says Swedish Political Party!

During the past half century any intelligent person became aware of global issues arising from the use of petrol driven cars. However, automobile manufacturers have extensive power in legislative bodies because they hire thousands of workers and require supplies from hundreds of small business enterprises. Maud Olofsson of the Swedish Centre Party, has called for the end of any petrol driven car by 2025. Her party is proposing banning gas driven cars by 2025, and in the meantime imposing high taxes on the current breed of cars. The Centre Party would allow ethanol driven cars but impose much stricter fuel-efficiency standards. Naturally, Swedish car manufacturers like Saab complain such action would create employment issues.

The proposal also includes more money for rapid transit such as trains in order to shift people from using cars to taking advantage of more fuel efficient means of transportation. There is little doubt actions by Sweden will not change the world, but it marks a beginning that a nation recognizes the importance of action to prevent global warming.

Aussie Rudd Says Hello To Obama-No To Afghanistan

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd extended congratulations to newly elected Barack Obama but also made clear his nation was not going to be sending additional troops to fight in Afghanistan. Rudd responded to reports that Obama was going to make the war in Afghanistan his first priority in the Middle East but noting Australia currently has about 1,000 troops fighting in Afghanistan and there is no doubt there will not be any further increases in the size of that contingent. “We’ve got no plans to increase that(contribution) in the future but of course we look forward to discussing that in the future.”

Rudd said he wanted to forge close working relations with Obama because there was need for the world to work together on issues like global warming and the financial crisis. “I’m convinced we’re going to have a first-class working relationship. His message of hope for America is equally a message of hope for the world.”

Canadian Government Seeks Climate Deal With Obama

The Canadian government seeks to negotiate with an incoming president Obama on issues of climate change since there has been nothing but failure in its attempts to work with the Bush administration. Officials told the Canadian press, the Harper government has been looking forward expectantly to the hope of engaging in serious discussions with someone who actually is interested in dealing with global warming. Canadian officials believe it is time to develop a continent-wide solution to global warming.

The Canadian government has been frustrated for years by the failure of George Bush’s inability or unwillingness to deal with climate issues. It is difficult for Canada to confront this issue without the close cooperation of its neighbor, the United States of America. The times they are a’changing and hopefully, for the good in our fight to deal with global warming.

Greenland Melting Faster And Faster

A new study by the journal, Nature Geoscience, challenges conventional wisdom by claiming one of the world’s largest masses of ice could melt at a much faster rate than what experts predict. “We’re showing,” said Anders Carlson, “that the geologic record shows that in the past, ice sheets have melted much faster than we’re predicting at the end of this century. It could be more than double what is suggested.” Faron Anslow, a glaciologist at UBC in Vancouver, says that sunlight is enough to melt the ice sheet away very rapidly.”Carlson points out if the Greenland sheet completely disappeared it would raise sea levels by seven metres which would threaten the lives of millions of people.

The United States really doesn’t have to worry about faddish beliefs such as global warming because the Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket, Sarah Palin, has given assurances global warming is simply one of those liberal scare tactics. Of course, she has credentials in predicting what is going to happen, she is a proud member of the NRA and we know they understand guns are the best protection against crime.