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Waiting For Godot In Afghanistan

President Barack Obama told the media he expected greater success on the part of Afghan forces once presidential elections were completed in the country. He expects that once Afghanistan has an effective army it will be possible for the United States and other western nations to depart from the country. If that truly is the assumption of the president, we can expect he will be stuck by the side of a road for the next decade waiting for Godot to make his appearance. Actually, Obama has greater odds that Godot will appear before the Afghan army takes to the field and defeats anyone or any group. The president’s remarks came as American troops were in the second week of a ground offense in Helmand province. Of course, the problem is the Taliban have headed elsewhere as the Americans entered the province.

It would be nice if the Taliban were on the road side waiting for the appearance of Godot, but they are too smart for that. Obama has been suckered into believing the solution lies with the current Afghan government to create an armed force that will fight. Frankly, we would be more impressed if Karzai could create an armed force that does not steal or oppress the people of Afghanistan.