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Brownout In England!

The lights of London are growing dim as the nation witnesses the departure from power of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his replacement by David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party. Brown attempted to form a coalition with Nick Clegg, leader of Liberal Democrats, but to pursue this path only would have created chaos and uncertainty at a time when his nation needs a sense of stability. It is now up to Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to steer their country through the morass of an economic collapse and violence in the world. One doubts if they will offer dramatically different views on how to handle terrorism and conflict in Afghanistan, let alone on jump starting the economy.

Oops, we hear the fat lady singing, time to leave the stage of power, Mr. Brown.

Gordon Brown Laboring In Vain

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not enjoyed a moment of peace and quiet since he followed the departure of Tony Blair by assuming leadership of the British Labor party. He was initially stained with blame for the war in Iraq as one person after another informed the Chilcot inquiry how Blair and Brown had lied to the people of England since they knew there were no WMD. Even as that news hit the media, an economic collapse left the man who formerly held the leading position in his party as an economic expert holding the bag for loss of jobs and collapse of the housing market. Volcanic ash, rising unemployment, going nowhere in Afghanistan was one sad story after another.

However, Brown made things worse when he inadvertently told the world over an open microphone that an elderly woman who supported his Labor party was a bigot. The final denouement was a lackluster performance in debates against David Cameron and Nick Clegg and the result was a poll that shows Labor in third place. It is not a question for Brown of having a “bad day.” Most probably bad year would be more accurate.

Gordon Brown Dumbs Down Over Woman

This has not been a good year for Prime Minister Gordon Brown from the moment economies all over the world collapsed to the institution of the Chilcot inquiry which has revealed one blunder after another in the Tony Blair government in which he served. The PM was on the political trail when he was introduced to an elderly woman who supported his Labor party. After a seemingly pleasant chat about several issues such as immigration and education, Brown wished Mrs. Duffy a fond farewell, climbed into his car and exploded in anger without realizing he was still wearing a Sky News microphone. He referred to the seemingly harmless chat as “a disaster… should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that. Just ridiculous.” An aide asked what upset him and Brown replied: “everything, she was just the sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labor.”

There is something weird about a woman out soliciting votes for the Labor party who is attacked by the prime minister. Is there a screw loose somewhere?

Gordon Brown–Iraq War, Right Decision

Historically, the British Labor Party believed in the cause of peace, not war. Gordon Brown, appeared before the Chilcot inquiry in order to defend Tony Blair’s 2003 decision to join the Bush fiasco in Iraq. Although, he admitted Saddam Hussein never had an WMD, “I believe this is the gravest decision of all, to make the decision to go to war. I believe we made the right decision for the right reasons.” If no threat of WMD, then why to war was a question posed by the inquiry group. According to Gordon Brown, “we cannot have an international community that works if we have either terrorists who are breaking the rules or, …. aggressor states that refuse to obey the laws of the international community.”

Of course, if Gordon Brown believes what he told the Chilcot group then:

He would urge the United Kingdom to invade Iran.
He would urge an invasion of Sudan to end the horror of Darfur.
He would urge the UN and the UK to send a hundred thousand troops to the Congo to end that horror.
I have a hunch his commitment to ensuring nations obey international resolutions will not lead to any such invasions or wars.

The Prime Minister Who Couldn’t Write Straight

The office of being prime minister of the United Kingdom means one is compelled to deal with deaths of fighting men and women in distant places like Afghanistan. Jacqui Janes, whose son Jamie was killed by an explosion in Afghanistan opened her mail to discover a hand-written letter of condolence from the prime minister of the country. According to Ms. Janes, “he couldn’t even be bothered to get the family name right. This made me angry. Then I saw he has scribbled out a mistake in Jamie’s name. The very least I w would express from Gordon brown is to get his name right. The letter was scrawled so quickly could hardly even read it and some of the words were half-finished. It’s just disrespectful.”

Gordon Brown is a very busy man. OK, he is not the world’s best writer, but he did send a letter. OK, so maybe it had the wrong name, but it did finally get to the right address. Imagine asking politicians to get every minor detail correct! Wow, this woman is a bit prissy.

After all, Ms. Janes, the prime minister did know the name of the country in which your son died. Isn’t that worth something?

Gordon Brown Once Again Strikes Out!

Release by Scottish officials of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the notorious Lockerbie bomber, adds one more problem to the enormous plate of issues Prime Minister Gordon Brown must deal with in order to restore his popularity. He told a media conference in no uncertain terms, “I was both angry and repulsed by the reception that a convicted bomber guilty of huge terrorist crime received on his return to Libya.” He insisted the decision to release was entirely the responsibility of Scottish officials. His comments came after days of angry comments by Conservative opponents for his silence on the release.

Behind the scene disputes continue as Scottish officials are preparing to release documents from the Brown government to them regarding a proposed prisoner release agreement between Libya and the UK government. Frankly, no one knows at this time if there was a connection between the release of the mass murderer and some Libyan action for his return.

Regardless of how this plays out, it is still another strikeout at the plate of public opinion for Gordon Brown.

PM Gordon Brown Announces Iraq Inquiry

During the early months of 2003, British Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted his nation lacked time to wait and investigate the situation in Iraq because the infamous WMD were poised to wipe out his nation along with the United States. Fast forward six years and the current prime minister, Gordon Brown believes it is time to conduct a thorough investigation into the causes of his nation’s participation into the Iraq war. “With the last British combat troops about to return home from Iraq, now is the right time to ensure we have a proper process in place..” says the prime minister. He made clear the investigation will be behind closed doors and will take at least a year to conclude its work.

I am confused. It took all of about two months to send British troops into the wrong war at the wrong time for the wrong reasons, but it requires a year to find out what the heck happened? I am glad Gordon Brown wants the “right process” in place, but shouldn’t that be done BEFORE sending troops into combat? The British people deserve to have an independent group conduct the investigation and it can be completed in about two months.

New American Afghan Plan Is An Old Plan

A year ago, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggested a plan that would arm local militias in order to get ordinary citizens involved in fighting the Taliban. The idea was dismissed by US military officials who believed such a plan would take away responsibility for local peace from the National Police. As always, the Bush administration dismisses ideas that are not their own and finally after their continual blunders gets around to understanding ideas from non-American sources might actually have some merit. Yesterday, the United States military unveiled a NEW plan which calls for arming local militias in an effort to replicate the success of arming Sunni groups in Iraq. The NEW PLAN undoubtedly will be hailed as another example of the brilliance of General Petraeus.

Naturally, the British who originally had the plan were not provided information about the PLAN since in the Bush administration, secrecy and deceit are what is most prized. Local people will now be trained, equipped, and provided support from coalition forces in order to fight the Taliban.

At points, an outside observer would welcome for once the Bush administration actually coming up with a successful idea on their own or acknowledging they get ideas from other sources.

Gordon Brown Seeks To Brown Out Green Energy Laws

Prime Minister Gordon Brown who never ceases telling he world of his commitment to alternative energy sources was accused of trying to water down tough new European legislation to boost the uptake of renewable energy. He openly seeks a “green revolution” while working behind the doors to ensure the current oil revolution continues to damage economies. Documents obtained by the British newspaper, the Guardian, show the uK wants to block attempts to give renewable electricity sources such as wind farms priority access to the national grid. The European official who drafted the legislation accused Britain of “obstructing” EU efforts on renewables and said UK officials wanted to protect traditional energy supplies and their coal, gas, and nuclear power stations.

According to documents examined by the Guardian, a key word “shall” was changed to “may” indicating it allowed those in charge not to provide access to renewable energy sources. Unless new sources of energy can readily access the national grid their effectiveness is sharply reduced as a tool in developing alternative energy sources. Th EU document obliges member states to give priority grid access to renewables. Either Prime Minister Gordon Brown never read the legislation or he simply prefers the doctrine of the old and true is the one to follow.

The fight for news sources of energy will constantly encounter resistance from those who currently dominate energy. They will not surrender power to new sources of power.

Gordon Brown Pledges Aid To Palestinians

Prime Minister Gordon Brown told Palestinians his nation would provide $500 million in assistance for economic development over the coming three years. Brown called on Israel to establish a freeze on further West Bank settlements. Settlement expansion , said Brown, “erodes trust, it heightens Palestinian suffering, it makes the compromises Israel will need to make for peace more difficult.” President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority thanked Brown for his support and called on Israel to end its policy of restricting the free movement of Palestinians in their own land.

The essence of the argument advanced by Gordon Brown is developing a prosperous Palestine is the best guarantee of ending violence since prosperity makes “the cost of ever returning to violence so high and so unacceptable that the vast majority will not want to have anything to do with those who preach violence.”