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Cry the Beloved Country… Of Zimbabwe

Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain has been leading the fight to end the tyrannical regime of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, but for some reason he has yet to inform his Home Office of the true nature of the thug who is in control of Zimbabwe. On April 11, he said: “I am appalled by the signs that this regime is again resorting to intimidation and violence.” But, even as he spoke, the Home Office was attempting to send 11,000 asylum seekers in the UK back home to the intimidation and violence the Home Office apparently doesn’t believe exists. Many asylum seekers have received letters from the British government stating bluntly, “you must leave the United Kingdom… there is no right to appeal against this decision.”

John Waite of the Independent Asylum Commission says Zimbabwean refugees in Britain are destitute and he daily encounters stories of them sleeping in parks or on a friend’s sofa since they lack money and are afraid to ask for official assistance.

What has happened to the Socialist heritage of the British Labor Party? The Labor Party once stood solidly behind the right of people to be free of tyranny. Gordon Brown and his party have lost their souls and it is no wonder his popularity ratings have sunk to new lows.

British Judge Blasts Brown Government Asylum Policy

A senior British judge accused his government for its deliberate policy of forcing members of the judiciary to deny asylum seekers of an opportunity to obtain a right to remain in Great Britain. Justice Stephen Sedley, a member of the Court of Appeal, said the Brown government is forcing judges to return people to “torture and death” by imposing harsh policies regarding the right of obtaining asylum. He is particularly concerned about a rule which requires a judge to automatically dismiss any asylum seeker the possibility of remaining in Great Britain if he/she used a false passport to escape their country or origin. “Many people fleeing persecution,” noted Sedley, “have no option but to travel on false papers.”

The Brown government, for some reason, has adopted a harsh and inhumane approach to the rights of asylum seekers. There apparently is some belief within the Labor Party that anyone who leaves a brutal dictatorship must do it legally and openly. As Justice Sedley notes, this attitude, is not the “proudest moment for humanitarian protection.” The case of Ms. Mkenda has been cited. After her husband and children were killed by rebel forces and she was raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she fled the country using a false French passport. Exactly what does Gordon Brown think she should have done– ask the rapists for an official passport?

Stay Or Go?–Gordon Brown Is Going!

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is facing a revolt by members of his party who are furious at what they consider to be his bungling performance as leader of the nation. As people protested in the streets of London, the British prime minister is prepared to tell his guest, George Bush, that Britain will be evacuating its forces from Iraq regardless of whether this please the president. Bush gave a warning to the prime minister”I am confident that he, like me will listen to our commanders to make sure that sacrifices that have gone forward will not be unravelled by drawdowns that may not be warranted at this time.” British Foreign Minister David Miliband took knowledge of the president’s feelings but also made clear his nation would decide when “we will complete the job we started.”

Gordon Brown is trapped in a situation in which his leadership credibility is being questioned by members of his own party. He must take decisive action and withdrawing from Iraq will raise his stature, not only in his party, but the nation.

Once again Bush lamented to reporters his use of words which he now regrets having stated. He now believes saying he wanted Osama bin Laden, “dead or alive” was a mistake because it cast him as a warmonger. He is also upset the media tries to portray him as a “religious zealot.” Wonder why?

Gordon Brown Defies Parliament On Terrorist Detention

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was insistent that police should have the right to detain suspected terrorists for up to 42 days without any charges being presented against them. He is facing a probable defeat in parliament on the issue, but is determined to stick to his guns on what he believes is essential to deal with terrorist activities. “The complexity and sophistication of investigatons that now have to be conducted by the police, compared and contrasted with what was happening 10 years ago, make it inevitable that the police will need more time to conduct their investigations.” Brown is confronting a rebellion by members of his party who are prepared to vote against the government. “I have tried to build consensus around our proposals but I am determined that we stick to our principles and that is that up to 42-day detentiion is and will be necessary in the future, but Parliament will make the final decision on the individual incident itself.”

Gordon Brown, whether it is fair or not, has inherited the Bush/Blair legacy of deceit and disrespect for individual liberties. There are too many examples of people being detained without any charges raised against them, and, in the case of Guantanamo prison, forced to linger for years in a state of limbo. The prime minister will have to offer further compromises to gain acceptance of his basic idea to extend the detention time.

Gordon Brown Snubs Dalai Lama

Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain is experiencing the lowest record of support from the people of his nation, and he decided to show lack of support for the Dalai Lama by refusing to meet wth him. Two months ago, Brown agreed to meet with the Dalai Lama at Downing Street, but, this time around he wants to keep his distance from the so-called controversial figure. He will meet the Tibetan leader at the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury in an effort to portray the visit as one that is religious in nature and thus avoid angering Chinese officials. Anne Holmes, the director of the Free Tibet campaign, commented: “by meeting the Dalai Lama at the Lambeth Palace, Brown has signified his determination to appease the Chinese government. Th overwhelming message from Tibetans during recent protests inside Tibet was for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet.”

Representatives of the Dalai Lama during the past few months have met with Chinese officials in order to forge a way of respecting the Chinese presence in Tibet while ensuring the Dalai Lama is able to return and work with the government in a manner that will ensure acceptance of basic Tibetan values and culture. There is no need at this time for Brown to act in such a fearful manner.

Reefer Toughness Fills Prisons But Doesn’t Work

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is prepared to defy the weight of medical and scientific opinion in order to issue togher new laws today on possessiion of cannabis. He is overruling his own expert advisers and will reverse the downgrading of illegal drugs from a Class B to a Class C substance. He is threatening cannabis smokers with five-yyear prison terms. There is evidence current cannabis on the streets is 20 to 30 times as strong as the cannibis smoked in the 1970. Brown has spoken of the “lethal” effects of the new strains as if they were comparable with the harm caused by heroin and crack cocaine. The prime minsiter apparently has bought into the hysteria which claims there is an epidemic of psychosis created by cannabis even though no medical evidence exists of such a situation.

Medical experts are concerned about any increase in the power of cannabis, but they regard the solution as lying in the area of education and support for cannabis users, not sending them to jail. Brown appointed an Advisory Council to investigate the situation and it recommended maintaining cannabis as a Class C level drug, but Brown has decided to go against the recommendation of his own panel. The advisory council concluded: “Th evidence suggests at worst that using cannabis increases the lifetime risk of developing schizophrenia by less than 1 per cent.” Medical experts have no evidence that schizphrenia has increased by any significant factor over the past thirty years.

The Gordon Brown road leads to building more jails, imprisoning more people, transforming a drug user into a criminal, and, most probably ensuring poor people and those from minority backgrounds are the ones placed in prisons. The friends and colleagues of Gordon Brown will not be going to jail.

Tide Of Conservatism Impacting Great Britain?

The Labor party of Gordon Brown has never recovered from its disatrous alliance with George Bush in the fiasco that is known as the Iraq war. A growing malaise has seeped into the minds of British citizens, a feeling the Labor party is not connected to their needs and desires. Yesterday’s sweping victory for the Conservative party suggests Great Britain is headed towards a realignment of power and the emergence of David Cameron as a future prime minister. In three years, Cameron has ripped to pieces the portrait of an efficient and modern Labor party into one in which people wonder when is the next example of Labor incomptence.

The main weakness of Cameron and the Conservatives is their lack of strength in major British cities. This has necessitated forming an alliance with Liberal Democrats in order to challenge Labor urban strength. There apparently is a sense among voters they seek change, but it is unclear as to the nature of this change. Cameron has to present a clear platform of change that addresses issues in Great Britain, something he has yet to accomplish.

Gordon Brown and the Labor party are down, but not out. Brown has to emerge from stumbling and bumbling his way in power and offer his nation a new image of life in the 21st century. If no such portrain of future life emerges, he will soon be surrendering the power of government.

Military Leaders Say PM Brown Wrong On Inquiry

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has rejected requests for an overall inquiry into the origin and conduct of the war in Iraq on grounds that such an investigaton would “disract” from the current war going on. He insists any inquiry should take place when the “work is over” in Iraq. But, a number of Britain’s former defence figures have rejected the Prime Minister’s warnings to hold such an investigation would undermine the troops. Field Marshall Lord Bramal, who commanded troops during the Falkland War, responded: “I don’t think an inquiry cold be a distraction. I think it is such a political hot potato the Government is not going to want it before the next election. There are few issues which people want to know about–why was there no planning for the aftermath of the war and how did we get involved in the first place.”

Lord Craig, former marshal of the RAF, supported this view. “I think it is very timely to have an inquiry before memories fade. The fact that there remain some British troops still in Iraq–they are on an ‘overwatch’ role and not actively engaged– should not delay it.”

The reality is Gordon Brown was a member of the British government which plunged into a war based on lies and fought it without any long-term plan for dealing with issues that were bound to occur. No wonder he would prefer not having such incompetence investigated since it will damage his own reputation. Then again, will the “work” ever be over in our lifetimes?

John McCain Exudes Confidence In Iraq Victory

Senator John McCain continued his whirlwind tour of the Middle East and Europe by arriving in Grreat Britain to announce that al-Qaeda was on the run and he was running straight for victory in the coming November election.He told Prime Miister Gordon Brown, “With all due respect I remained concerned about the situation in Basra. There ae different factions which have taken over certain areas. Everybody know that, it’s not a secret.” His comments were in reference to the decision of the Brown government to withdraw British troops from southern Iraq. As part of his desire to come across as a man who could get along with world leaders, McCain was mum about British plans to withdraw even more troops from Iraq.

Sentor McCain acknowleded the British people have been “frustrated by sometimes our lack of progress in both areas(Iraq and Afghanistan).” However, he assured one and all tht things would improve once he is in charge.

Part of the problem with such hurried trips to critical areas and pronouncements about success or failure is providing an impression talking with a few top leaders will provide insight into the issues at hand. McCain never spoke directly with President Abbas– he had a telephone chat– but spend considerable time with Israel leaders. He never spoke with other Arab leaders like President Mubarak of Egypt. However, there were plent of photo ops to be used in the November election.

Gordon Brown Cooling Down On ID Cards

Labor membrs of parliament were pleased that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is less enthusiastic about the idea of requiring all people in Great Britian to carry identification cards. In several recent statements he indicated it would be up to Parliament to make the decision as to whether or not each citizen would have to be in possession of an ID. When challenged by Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, about his position on the topic, Brown indicated he supported IDs, but would leave it up to Parliament for the final decision. All signs are if left to Parliament, the issue is dead on delivery.

Although Brown appears to be backing away from ID cards for the nation, he might try an end run and attempt a pilot progrm for immigrants and non-citizens. There is scant evidence foreigners are militants and most terrrist caught in Great Britain were born in the country.