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South Africa Supports UN Intervention In Zimbabwe

Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain will place the issue of Zimbabwe before a special meeting of the UN Security Council, and South Africa’s UN envoy, Dumisani Kumalo, said his country would not raise any objectons to such a discussion. This support for international intervention in the Zimbabwe crisis represents a remarkable shift on the part of President Mbeki’s government which, up to this point, has downgraded the situation in that nation and insisted President Mugabe had the situation well in hand. However, the incoming president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has taken a strong stand against Mugabe and this may have influenced Mbeki to back off from supporting his dear friend, Mugabe.

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, police raided the headquarters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDDC) and arrested hundreds of people. Naturally, the Mugabe police insisted those seeking refuge at MDC headquarters were criminals. Human Rights Watch has documented evidence of the brutal campaign being waged by the Mugabe government against all who resist its power.